ZoiyTop JM01 Android Smartwatch: 更新

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This JM01 smartwatch has been supplied by ZoiyTop for customer review. Many thanks to our customers for producing this YouTube site well-liked and also to ZoiyTop for their assistance. If you have an interest in buying this JM01 smartwatch, feel free to utilize the hyperlink noted above. It is going to aid our company acquire extra enjoys to review for you down the road. 许多感谢!

This is actually an update to the authentic unboxing and initial appearance online video as well as covers electric battery lifestyle, fitness/GPS, connected application data, demanding pin concerns, and also waterproof screening.

Photographes of interior JM01 view:

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  1. Thank you for quality content! Just ordered a DT NO1 version of this watch (JM01 / H1). They seem to have some problems with the software and wont ship the product for about a weekwonder if this is what they’re talking about. Andthe battery is said to be 450 ? shouldn’t that combined with the ‘lowprocessing power be…. 伟大?

  2. 哇, super interesting. So cool that you opened it up!!!! I was sitting on the edge of my chair not to miss anything. Keep us in the know if you are able to get it charging and transferring data again, 请. 谢谢! (我, one of the few ladies watching your video’s)
    England UK

  3. 您好先生. 蜱, I think your channel should be called Mr. Ticks Review ,测试,and repair channel, your giving the viewers the best smartwatch info there is available, 感谢另一个伟大的评论.

  4. My Gear S3 always has GPS on, WIFI on, Bluetooth on, NFC on, Location on. I take and make calls every day from the watches mic and speaker (至少 10-20 minutes every day and nobody can tell that I’m not on my phone). My heart rate gets checked every 10 分钟 (sometimes it does not get a reading if my wrist is not in a good position, but it tries every ten minutes;), tons of notifications, I even watch the odd youtube video (usually SmartWatch Ticks 😉 and I listen to at least 1 old time radio show (至少 30 分钟) over the watch speaker every day as well and it’s 380ma battery lasts me 3 天! 我得到 2 days no problem if I add using the stand alone GPS for directions from my watch (30-60 minutes worth)… 先生. 蜱… These watches are cute toys for kids, but actually more expensive then my G3 when you consider how many you (well not YOU:) have to buy and still not be satisfied. After all how convenient is a watch that you have to keep turning things on and off to get what you want, and then you don’t even get it anyway.;?)… My rant is over, all of this being said I love your videos (I’m addicted to them;) and will continue to “看” (get it?) them if for no other reason then they are supremely entertaining and that they let me know I made the right purchase (for me anyway;) in the first place ;)… P. S. This part goes to any watch fan boys that may be out there and may feel insulted by my comments and may feel the need to berate meMy comments are intended to show a different perspective. I bought a few of these watches (early onsee my review of the Zpax something or other;) and spent more money than the G3 cost me combinedI was never even remotely satisfied after a few months (my reviews were done after a few days). These early watches are all gone and the G3 (cheaper by comparison) is even better than when I got it all those months ago


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