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ZANMAX 3101 件口袋刀 – Gearbest.com

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Functions THIRTEEN functionalities to fulfill your other requirements for daily journeys including big cutter, may opener, small screwdriver (3毫米), scisserses, small blade, wire-stripper, bottle screw, screwdriver (6毫米), keyring, multi-purpose hook, corkscrew reamer, punch sewing eye.
Compact design produces that best for any kind of outside activity featuring camping, angling, or walking, in addition to useful for daily uses around our home or even office.
– 420 stainless steel blade, pointy, heavy duty, difficult. Perfect for reducing, slicing as well as chopping.
Premium light weight aluminum blend area, non-slip, colorfast as well as nice-looking.
Steel hardness: 43HRC as well as more, sizable cutter hardness: more than 50HRC, small cutter solidity: much more than 46HRC.

In order to lower the threat of personal injury, simply follow these safety and security suggestions when utilizing this product:.
use one resource each time, as well as maintain the various other executes folded in the body from the product.
do not move quickly or have fun with the product when pulling out the blade or other applies.
feel free to keep this item and all sharp or pointed applies out of children.

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