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ZGPAX S8 Standalone Smart Watch Phone – New Updated Model

Now the fun begins. Here is the unboxing and initial checking of a brand new ZGPAX S8 Android smart watch phone. It is compared side by side with the original to confirm a newer firmware and, potentially, a newer camera. Now we have two of these to compare features. If you're at all interested in this watch and Android watch platform, you may want to subscribe for our upcoming videos!

Build numbers of S8 watches received by our viewers:

Date —————– Build Number

01/26/2015 —– 1413014088 (my original)
05/??/2015 —– 1418653176 (Sonia)
05/29/2015 —– 1423465185 (my new one shown here)
06/17/2015 —– 1423465185 (Jeffrey)
06/18/2015 —– 1426144584 (The Orbiter)
07/15/2015 —– 1426144584 (Morry)
07/16/2015 —– 1426144584(Harry)
08/11/2015 —– 1426144584(Mark)
09/18/2015 —– 1426144584(Maxim)
11/16/2015 —– 1426144584(Peter)
12/24/2015 —– 1426144584(JellyPellz)
12/20/2015 —– 1434436031(Kerry) ——- New Build! Looks like a firmware update has been released.
08/03/2016 —– 1423465185(Zachary)

More to be added as they are reported in our comments…..

From one of our viewers:

kiwitrevau writes
Hi, I have an S8 the same model software as you just unpacked, I have gone through the exploration/setup stage and to help I drew up a Menu flow chart to help myself find my way around, If you would like a copy send me an address or link, I have also put it on YouTube here:

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  1. hey, i bought this week the zgpax s82 the gold one it is the first gold thing i ever bought, i hope it is great as the s8 it is  just that i needed one that has a better battery life and that a micro sd card can be put in.

    1. +sonia sophie ataunna Great!! The layout of the pages seems to show the Google Play Store on the 4th page in burried in a folder, but it’s there!!! Please let us all know what your watch is like. It could be ZGPAX’s next step forward!

    1. hey, will do, i want to see also how long it will last with the Swapp Link , and for the first time in my life i bought the gold one:)
      one thing i do’nt understand what is the differ between the  s82 and the s83 just the prices? and have u seen the s7?

    2. +SmartWatch Ticks I do verify this, I just got mine on the mail today and installed an old micro SIM card that I had hanging around while is not active as soon as I put it on the S8 all by itself found AT&T and it configured it all itself. I also noticed something nice that after installing the SIM card there were selections of 2G, 3G, Auto, and either one or the other, I could not test whether it would work because my card is not activated but at least the smartwatch/phone with the card found AT&T in my area (FL). But again, maybe it’s connected at 2G rather than 3G, no idea, because I did not see anything like “3G” close to that microscopic connection indicator (at least I can hardly see it without using a microscope ha ha, I’m an old fart) and by now I need bifocals before I go crazy changing glasses all the time.

      Haven’t got a cellphone activated in years, but I;m considering going with either Net10 I saw a card at al supermarket couple blocks from my home the other day 1000 minutes/month for $25, but I’m afraid to go ahead and buy the kit or card to just later on find out that it won’t work on my S8. What can you tell me about this? Do you know if this S8 would work with Net10 ? and yes I also noticed that a few days ago while I was researching on which one of these Chinese smartwatches to get noticed that the 1700 Mhz band is nowhere, and that while it is used by several carriers in the US by pairs (one frequency for upload, one for download) the 1700 Mhz is not used in other countries, it’s a mess..ha ha. – I got an older Net10 phone that used to use years ago but that still like brand new and I loved, I’m going to see what type of SIM card it has (Standard, Micro, Nano) and whether it fits on the S8…this smartwatch uses a Micro SIM, maybe I’m lucky and my older Net10 phone (I collected them, have Tracfone, Net10, T-Mobile,.. but most of them use Standard SIM)

    3. +sonia sophie ataunna I was looking at the tech specs of both right now and could’t find any difference, except that the S82 seem to have nicer graphics and icons than the S83 other than that they have the same CPU running at the same speed, the same amount of RAM, ROM, free space, etc. and the S83 looks very much like the S8 maybe the “2” or “3” are just newer hardware generations of the S8 but what is it? Expensive indeed, but always also depend of who sells it and where, on eBay at least prices are crazy up and down depending of the seller but definetely the cheaper ones are in China, but I only once bought something directly from mainland China and took almost a month to get to the US and I never ever bought anything else there, however from Hong Kong is always faster and more reliable. I just got my S8 today and I love this baby, I’m getting used to what does what, but so far I’ve fallen in love with it.

    4. if u go now to zgpax.com u’ll find that they removed the s83 maybe they are different , or there is’nt s83 and it was a mistake. but on aliexpress it still there. i can’t wait to get it and compare it to s8 but still it is better than the s8 by the most significant thing and it is the battery.

    5. +sonia sophie ataunna That’s interesting. I’m excited to find out what you find out. I think most everyone following this Channel is as well. Thanks for being willing to keep us up-to-date with hand’s on experience! If you video your watch and post it to YouTube, I’ll link to it from here as well. Thanks again!

  2. Hi, 

    Thanks for the review. can you please advise from where i can buy new update model of zgpaz s8.


    1. +Gagandeep Singh There’s no easy way to tell if you’re going to get the updated model short of finding out the build number from the seller. This might work on eBay, but probably not from vendors on aliexpress.com. Still, you could try. My guess is that most of the old stock is out of the pipeline now and newer models are the norm. You might check out the comments on chervil of the videos here as many list where they have had buying success. And for those who buy an S8 or S82, can you please share with us where you got yours and what you think about it? Thanks.

  3. hey:) i have installed the Pushbullet on the s8 (still did’nt get the s82:) and all the notifications go directly to the watch and any device u install it on even the pc but u can’t control the phone by the watch with this app. i’ll will do soon a video on Swapplink with the s82 and upload it:)

    1. +sonia sophie ataunna Did you notice any hit to the battery on the watch running Pushbullet, Sonia? Does it list as high usage when you go into the battery tab in the settings app after you have it on for an hour or so? Just wondering about the overhead compared to SWApp Link. Thanks.

    2. +sonia sophie ataunna Hey Sonia, I’ve lost track to a couple of threads here. Did you ever get your S82? If so, can you tell us your firmware build number and when you got it? Also, did you ever share your S8 firmware build number and date received with us? I’m updating our build number listings. Thanks!

    3. No:( I haven’t received my watch yet it has been stucked at the post office since 4th of July because of a strike. I hope I’ll get it soon…..I have 2 s8 mine is 1418653176
      and no pushbullet doesn’t drain the battery not as swapp link did. 

    1. +Jamal Chambers GroupMe
      – 27 mei 2015 
      PEGI 3
      Communication  in Google Playstore compatible with s8 I read.

  4. I think you’d get a much bigger bang for buck if you spent the same money to get an Nexus 7 2013 on ebay…. a 16gb wifi only model can be had for about $80, and a 32gb wifi model can be had for about $120. The snapdragon quadcore is a blast with the 2gb of RAM and the screen is gorgeous.

    How long does the watch last with the screen totally off? If only 2 days that’s incredible power drain.

    These watches should incorporate a tiny digital second LCD one line watch somewhere in the bezel (maybe at the top above the screen), independent of the main unit and operating system, that just showed time and date on an LCD screen line… that was always on via a separate button battery that lasted 10 years. So you don’t have to boot the watch or swipe the screen to check the time at a glance, and even if your main battery was dead, the watch still works… as a watch. It seems incredibly essential but apparently nobody has thought of it yet.

    1. +ben20122 1 When I tried it with my at&t SIM it only connected 2G (EDGE) which was insanely slow. I hear in Canada the 2100 band works fine for both the S8 and S82. Look for CDMA 1900 for possibly working in the USA on at&t. Now T-Mobile is another matter. I think they support 2100. If anyone knows for sure, please post here. Thanks. Oh yes, Verizon and Sprint are out as they use totally different network topology.

    1. I haven’t tried it, but I would imagine it would work. IF Snapchat works through a standard Play Store app on your phone, you can download the app to this watch and try it. It’s really no different than a really small Android phone.

  5. i configured email app to retrieve yahoo mail but i cant remove it. do you know how to remove email account? It’s not available in the email setting.

    1. You mean a turn of wrist to light up the screen? No, not directly, but I installed an app to do that very thing. It’s in one of the older videos on the S8. Just check the titles and you’ll find it.

  6. Tatom
    By any chance is there watch phone similar to the Zypax S8 (size, location of camera, mic, speaker, USB ect:) but with the Android 5.1 OS

  7. Hello, I have a few questions for the newer watch..
    1. Does the newer watch have an option for the clock face always on?
    2. Is the watch 4g?
    3.how good is the battery life?

  8. Is this smartwatch good ore ok ore bad??
    has this smartwatch whatsapp,google,Facebook and Facebook messenger???


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