ZGPAX S8 Standalone Smart Watch Phone – Fixed with Ease

This was almost too easy. The ZGPAX S8 standalone android smart watch phone is now back in business! This video shows the repair, for those interested. More app reviews on the way now that the watch platform is available again. If you haven't subscribed yet, now would be a good time if you want to catch some more awesome Android apps that play well in the watch environment.

Here's the link to purchase this replacement part:

One of our viewers adds the following:

Bob Otte 3 days ago · LINKED COMMENT
I have been in contact with Andy Lu who works at ZGPAX. I have been able to get all the parts for my wat h repair. you can email Andy with uou request and ir will be completed promptly and you will not be waiting 30 to 45 days for the parts. Andy Lu contact info is [email protected]

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  1. Hi brilliant video’s, perhaps you can help I need to order a new camera complete with ribbon. Can you advise me on where to order it from ? Tks

    1. +Paul Garland I’ve been pretty much sticking with aliexpress.com for things I can’t find at amazon.com. Just search for what you are looking for over there. Best of luck.

  2. Great video. Could you make one on how to replace the band on a AW08 watch? Thanks! p.s.: If you put a thin cloth under your work area , this will help prevent the little screws from bouncing and getting lost.

  3. Glad you got it repaired – I’m enjoying the videos a lot and learning all kinds of tricks for mine!

    1. +Hilton Giesenow Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying the videos. The repair is working fine. I wish there were a way to boost the internal memory somehow. Changing out the SD (TF) card for a higher capacity does nothing to alleviate the problem of limited memory to install apps that can’t be moved to the SD card. I still have 4GB of my 8GB SD card but am maxed out on installing any more than 101 apps at this point. I know, I know, who in their right mind would want more than 100 apps on a watch. Well, me!

    2. +SmartWatch Ticks I like to watch mp4 videos while riding the train and don’t have to drag out my laptop. A 90 minute video is about 200-600mb and I have my 8gb SD card filled more than half which is why I wanted to insert the 32gb, but not done yet.

  4. Thanks for the info. I tried to replace the microSD card and it has a “slide-lock” on top, so you slide it FWD to free up the microSD. I copied the contents of the 8gb SD to the 32gb before install and had no issues with the 32 working well. Got my watch for $105 on BestGear

    1. +Martin Prather That’s good to know. All I did was look at it in this video but didn’t try and take the microSD out. One viewer said his 64GB card won’t work and another said he had trouble with high speed microSD cards of any size, so a standard speed 32GB card may be best for this watch for anyone wanting to upgrade. A word of warning though, no matter what size you use, the apps need to reside on internal memory (or partially moved to SD card memory if allowed under settings). If you have a lot of apps you WILL run out of internal memory in installing them. ALWAYS try and move an app to the SD card just after installing — and check app settings to store data to the SD card whenever possible or you will be squeezed out and your watch will slow waaaaay down. You’ll know you’re in trouble when you can no longer update apps in the Play Store because of insufficient memory. If that happens, clear your cache — app by app if necessary — until updates will fit. And only install what you’ll need.

  5. Who did you get the repair parts from ? My S8 hit the tile floor and the digitizer shall we say has a few cracks in it. found one place and they cwant a copy of my passport and credit card. Not going to happen. thanks.

    1. +Bob Otte I was lucky to find my part from aliexpress.com, the same place I bought the watch. You might look for an older S8 on eBay (with the first generation firmware that didn’t support Google Play Services) for cheap and just rip it apart.

  6. I enjoyed your video of the repair on the s8 and now I have the same problem. now I need the part nmber or discription of the micrusb with cable so I can rplace mine
    Thanks CurtB

    1. +Curtis Brown Mine was ordered from aliexpress.com under this title: Mobile Phone Flex Cables for ZGPAX S8 HF-X01-USB

      If they don’t have it, you might check with the ZGPAX source directly. One of our viewers gave a lead to someone at ZGPAX that he got help from, so you might try him.

    2. +SmartWatch Ticks Hi SmartWatch Ticks, I have the ZGPAX S82 but the sim tray is broken. What do I type in on aliexpress to find it? I’ve been searching all over the internet (Google searches lol) but cannot find anything! I tried contacting the ZGPAX company direct but no reply after a week. (I emailed: [email protected]) Any help?? Also I was thinking of buying a samsung galaxy S3 sim tray and try putting that on because they look the same kind of?

  7. are straps replaceable? i notice from the video that the LONGER strap …seems to contain something electonic… maybe antenna for gps or 3g? if yes…. do you think is there on aliexpress a replacement if the strap is broken after time?

    1. +gene reynolds Try the app Speech to Clipboard Pro. Easy to use and should do what you want. You need Google Voice working and you need to be online (it won’t work offline — none of them do, even Google), but it does work, and a whole lot more.

  8. Is it possible to place a screen protector for cell phones to zgpax s8 by cutting it to fit to the screen of zgpax s8, so that my watch screen won’t be damage(unresponsive) against liquid drops?

    1. Yes, it should work, but the screen response might not be as smooth. You’d just have to try one and see. You can always pull it off if it doesn’t work.

  9. Ist das Kabel noch irgendwo zu bekommen? Meine Uhr lies sich von heute auf morgen nicht mehr laden?

    Can i bay this Part anywehr?

    1. Yea, right. Looks like chicken feed. Wait until you get to the videos with the baby lizards and lizard eggs.

  10. Hi Mr. Ticks the same thing happened to my S8 and I went on the link that you left in the description and it said they’re no longer available any ideas

    1. Sorry, but no other ideas. This is such an old watch by today’s standards that parts will be hard to find.

  11. +Rip Side Mobile Phone Flex Cables for ZGPAX S8 HF-X01-USB
    , what is the address for buying this cable? thanks


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