XK X420 Inexpensive VTOL RC Airplane Flight Test Review

This brushed motor vertical takeoff aircraft is almost half the price of its brushless big brother the XK X520. Find it here

– Relatively inexpensive for what you are getting.
– Ready to fly airplane with included transmitter.
– True vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Can takeoff or land vertically. Can also switch back and forth in flight between vertical and horizontal flight. Or just stay in horizontal mode for horizontal takeoffs and landings. Can also switch back and forth between stabilized flight or 3D aerobatic flight.
– Stabilized flight control system to ease flying.
– Includes propeller guards to protect the propellers.
– Replacement 050 brushed motors are widely available and very inexpensive at under $2.

– Somewhat fast for beginners.
– It uses brushed motors. They will eventually fail and need replacement.
– Airplane is a bit unstable in slow flight. It also slowly descends in level flight with the stabilizer on. I needed to give it a little upward elevator to keep it in flight. Adjusting the pitch rods, or calibrating the gyros did not seem to correct the problem.
– Short flight time with its 2S 500mah 20C battery. I got a flight time of under 4 minutes. But i also did a lot of vertical flying which requires a lot of throttle/power. You'll probably want to replace its provided stock battery with one with higher mah and C rating

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  1. Under $60.00 😀👍
    Ready to have a blast with. ,
    ( im just not sure where to mount the F.P.V. camera )
    Everything needs a camera.

  2. I have the Protocol Vert 1 which is the clone of the XK 520, have not flown it yet, because I got to find a large enough field due to its massive size. I’m assuming that I could use parts from the XK X520 for replacement parts if something breaks….Thank you for sharing


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