XK A130 Y20 Three Channel RC Transport Aircraft Flight Test Review

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New Arrival XK A130-Y20 RC Airplane 2.4G 3CH 500mm... US $44.59 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
WLtoys XK A130 RC Airplane 2.4G 3CH 500mm Wingspan... US $47.65
US $56.06

This inexpensive three channel model RC plane includes stabilization gyros and elevator control. Find it here

– Good looking model of the Xi'an Y20 military transport aircraft. Ready to fly out of the box.
– Three channel control of power, yaw, and elevator.
– Six axis gyro stabilization makes this easy to fly for beginner pilots.
– Flight control range of up to 200 meters.
– Very common 3.7V 300mah battery provides about 8 minutes of flight time.
– Tough EPP foam makes this plane very crash resistant.

– Although ready to fly, this requires a larger than normal shipping box. Unfortunately the box is large enough that this plane can not be offered with free shipping.
– It's somewhat fast. You'll likely need to fly this outdoors.
– 0720 brushed motors are fine for level flying, but don't give enough oomph for acrobatics.

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Comment (23)

    1. +ozy ozy123 The Boldclash Bwhoop B03 Pro is under $17, thats a couple large garbage bags of empty aluminum cans to return. You can get paid to tutor others. I bought 2 brand new Propel Star Wars quads for under $30 on Ebay. Just pay attention to good deals. Or just ask a family member to buy it or help you buy it. They really are cheap now and they are easy to fly.

    1. Congratulations. You were the first to say Frost 😉 You win a shoutout in a future QC101 video. Again, congratulations!

  1. That’s really quite fun and much the sort of thing I expect from XK now. Flies well and for quite a while
    Although I love my diff thrust planes toy planes, I have lots now and from the XK range I prefer the A800 to this and it’s not _that_ much more expensive
    Good review as always

  2. Good video! I wonder if you trimmed off the fake engines, reducing the power to weight ratio if that would make it loop?

  3. Looks like a fun little plane. So many of these planes are way under-powered but still fun to fly 😉 See you in the Air!

  4. I wonder how big a battery you can put into this plane. 8 minutes is not a lot of flight time but I am used to my Quad at 20 minutes plus. I think I Would go for the Volantex V761-1 RC Plane with 20 min flight time and 6 axis gyro for the same relative price.


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