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This is a 12.5 inch laptop. That does look quite interesting because it's got a fully laminated touchscreen in here that isn't your typical 1200 P or 1080p, but no it's 1440p. And that means of course, high resolution. The big surprise to that actually turned out to be a high quality display that they're, using in this particular laptop as you'll, see in this review. So it also has 128 gigabytes of storage, eight gigabytes of RAM and a dual core KB, like our processor, even though it looks like it sounds like a 3rd gen CPU it's, the 38 to 67, you and actually came out this year, the beginning of 2019. So I thought originally that I'll hang on that's an old 3rd gen chip, but that's entails a naming scheme for you. So it's got a 38 watt hour Betty battery in here and a full specs type c port. That means, of course, a data, video and charging which supports also power delivery, charging, which is great to see so let's check and see what we get in the box. So two rather large box, considering this is not a large laptop, so the laptops in a protective sleeve, which is good we've, got a screen protector and a keyboard protector here as well. Well, this is actually another layout that they give us for those that need it. It'S good to have that okay we've got a QuickStart guide by the looks of it, product, certification, cert.

And what is this right here? This is a gift card, and here is our power supply. So your typical Mickey Mouse style plug connector EU, of course, because I live in Europe and DC plug. This is rated to in 19 volts 2.1 amps. So this laptop is a light, 1.2 4 kilos and just fourteen point, eight millimeters thick. So it is very portable. So four ports on the right hand, side. We do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, now there's a good sound output out of this there's no static or interference, which is great. We have a micro SD card reader, now it's just wired up via a USB to hub, so the speeds are going to max out of your cards at about 24 to 23 megabytes per second, unfortunately, not an ultra high speed, one which would have been great they're. Full size USB 3 port. Now this does power external hard drives, and our power button also doubles as a fingerprint reader for Windows, hello, so just placing your finger there. It will unlock and you get into Windows a little bit quicker than typing out. For example, a password, so you can see that the left and right bezels they are slim at the bottom. Bezel like most of these laptops is quite large, so on the left here, we've got DC and for charging and then a full spec USB type c. 3.1. Now the supports data power delivery and display out 4k 30 Hertz is all I'm able to get with my adapters, although in theory it should actually support 4k 60 there's a status LED and there's one just next to it, which also comes on when charging so we've Got a really good keyboard on this.

It is backlit it's automatically on when you use the keyboard. So when you power it on, you, don't actually need to select it. It doesn't have any different stages, though it's just a single on or you can disable it like. So so I'll quickly turn off my light here and I'll show you what it looks like you can see evenly lit. This is good. I see a lot of the Chinese laptops. For example, the B max Y 13 it's backlit keyboard is not evenly lit, which does irritate me so this one isn't bad. Now you don't get too much glare. When you have a look at at an angle here, you can see that the keys actually tap out and block most of that'll light apart from a little bit of leakage here on the spacebar. Now the key travel itself is very good typing on this, and if I press down hard, there is no bounce or flex to this keyboard, it's very similar to say the Chewie Aero book or the B max white Elevens keyboard touchpad as well. This has a smooth painted surface to it and is quite accurate, supporting Windows, precision, drivers, the palm rest. This is made out of plastic, but the rest of the build is all alloy. So when our top bezel we've got our webcam here, which is 720p, the quality is actually okay and either side of it. We do have dual microphones there's a status LED, as you can see, to the left of it, which lets us know it is on.

Unfortunately, this webcam doesn't support Windows, hello and here's, a sample of the webcam, the mics. You can hear right now they do sound all right to me. This is gon na be fine for Skype. Calls what I have noticed. What the webcam, though, is, even though I do have some bright lighting on it, looks a little bit dark and it's, not an amazing quality. Yeah it's pretty average run of the mill Chinese laptop webcams here and even on some more expensive models and seen about this kind of quality. So on the underside you get these two large rubber feet, so they are raised up a little bit to allow airflow. Of course, into our intake vent, which is here so there's a fan right here that blows the hot air just out here, but you won't even hear that fan. It barely comes on it's. Only when you push it really really hard or you start to gain. Will you hear the fan and it's not really that loud at all, it's not too offensive so there's, an SSD hatch in here, which I will show you shortly – that we can install an extra SSD so inside here already comes with 128 gigabytes, but you're able to Put up to 2 terabytes in there and it's very easy to do so. You just need to remove the 2 screws there and right here. We'Ve got 2 downwards firing speakers, so I installed here one of my crucial drives here.

This is 275 gigabytes working without any problems, it's running at full set of three speeds. Now the hinge on this does feel stiff and quite good and the lid here you can see. We'Ve got the logo on the rear and it is made out of an alloy. So, overall, the build quality of this laptop is excellent. The tour pro has a very good screen in here we're, seeing more and more of these Chinese manufacturers finally using decent IPS panels. So this one is fully laminated. The maximum brightness is 218 it's, which is great because it's fully laminated. It is, of course, going to be quite reflective, so you'll see throughout this review, probably my camera or my face reflecting off it, and that is normal. With a glass covered screen. Now it doesn't seem to use Gorilla Glass or anything like that at soda lime, glass, but as mentioned fully limit laminated and supporting touch now, the calibration out of the box is very good, really not much of a change there. When I put it onto the calibrated mode here from my spider 5 pro from data color now, if we have a look at the color space, this is where it's good okay, 78 Adobe RGB. We don't only see this on such brands. Ntsc is 74 NTSC and then our srgb is 99, so it is a very good panel. The touch accuracy does seem to be good and it will support 10 touch points.

So let's take a look at the system here that performance, so we've got 8 gigabytes of RAM. That is, unfortunately, in single channel now the speed of it is 1866 megahertz and the CPU is just 2 cores at 1.8 gigahertz. It is not multi threaded, so we don't have 4 threads with this and the performance you will see when you multitask, which I'm currently doing at the moment it will slow down. This is not a super powerful system at all. This is really just for light computing. Doc'S video files internet browsing – and that is basically it you won't – be playing any real, demanding games on this or editing videos at all, not with just these two cores and that a lower clock speed. We have there. So it's got Windows 10 home. This is version 1903, so of course, run Windows Update to get all the latest updates, which will pull food through there and the CD key that's used as valid and legit there, which is of course great to have there now the performance. This is past. Mark VIII, latest version 9 plus Mac rating is about there. You can see well almost 1700, which is not great. You can see that is not a powerful system. The OpenCL score here. This actually pulls through to be bitter, the graphics, at least here, with the Intel HD 600 that it's more powerful than what we get with a Gemini Lake. So, a little bit better there at you could say GPU performance with the integrated GPU and then I'll get bent full score here.

So single core score that does pull through quite a bit higher in terms of performance versus the gym. No lake as well multi core score, however, is about 700 points or so less and then the sour on in 4100 and that's. Because again it only has the two cause there. So that's really expected there. We'Ve just got that sour on the 38 67 you so, even though it looks and sounds like it's a third ginger. This actually came out at the beginning of the year and it's a kb lake. Ah, so I've got a few other things to show you here with the disc that's inside here the SSD that it runs off. So this is what you can expect for performance. You get 91 gigabytes free it's, actually, not bad! I mean SATA 3 speeds would normally be about this. You can install an additional Drive in here, which is great, as I showed you with that hatch. Very easy to do. I'Ve actually got my 280 gigabyte Drive in there. At the moment. I can't set it to boat for some reason, so not too sure what is up with that. So, just a few other things to point out here as well that the thermals are really good, because we've got that little fan in there now the fan will kick in at about, I think it's 48 to 49 degrees Celsius. You will hear it. You can probably just hear it now, it's not very loud, and it will turn off and sometimes be off for 30 minutes before it comes on again so it's not actually that bad with fan noise, but really good thermals does maxing out at 53 degrees.

It really does run super cool there, which is great to see so battery life is not really amazing. It'S a 15 watt CPU, so that's higher than you get would say the sour in 4100 laptops that I review it's, not quite as efficient, so you're. Looking at a battery runtime like a core m3, I mean performance is very similar to a core m3. It is going to just go for about four to really four and a half to five and a half hours, depending on what you're doing now. The charge time will be just over three hours, which is more or less like other laptops that have a 38 watt hour battery in here. So it's not a huge battery either there so I've got some real world performance tests here. They wanted to show you so I'm opening a absolute massive Excel spreadsheet here. Well, this one's very, very big with 700 records and it's. Okay, alright their performance there not too bad, but you will see that sometimes it does feel a little bit leggy with me scrolling and the big sorry. The big one here is the five mega part might dock file here so you're able to use touch too. If you wanted to to select things all in all for these kind of tower, it does actually work. Okay, all right, it's, not gon na be as fast as a core i3 or a core i5 laptop. But you can see scrolling here now once it's loaded and it was a little slow.

It really is fine. So I'm gon na do a very quick speed test here with some tabs open in Chrome. So I've not searched here before and I'm just going to search cats. Okay, open up a lot of tabs and we'll see how it responds. Now the wireless you've got the Intel 3165 it's just super common chipset. Now so wireless AC with Bluetooth, 5 and we'll see how it goes now. I can already see that scrolling now is a little slow, because I've got the spreadsheet open there in the background and we're starting to see the limitations. Now of just those two caused and clocked at only 1.8, gigahertz means they are differently and not the fastest there, especially with the KB Lake architecture, that's, a very low clock, so I'm, just gon na keep opening up a few. Now, with these dual cores, I really wouldn't exceed about 6 or 7 tabs, because it does then start to show that it's really slowing down a little bit. So I swap between these now I can see that all right things are loading in relatively slow there. You can see ok here we go it's coming up and once that's loaded. How is our scrolling performance? So you can definitely see the limitation of just having two cores on a Windows, 10 machine now yeah. You really want to have 2 cores and 4 threads like the court in threes and the videos loading in here a little on the slow side now swapping between these tabs.

But, of course, if I close all these spreadsheets things will then definitely speed up a little bit and it's starting to definitely bottleneck over here and feeling a little bit slow, okay, alright, but that's what you can speak now once all that's loaded swapping between these tabs, That is now quick, so that's good, so close us down. One last test is a super demanding video file. Here this is a 4k high bitrate file of a blacksmith here. I think he's, making a katana let's, have a look okay, so a little slow to start with there's 60 frames per second by the way, so it isn't very smooth and then it's actually playing all right. So we've got hardware native decoding here with mkv files vp9. It does handle video quite well the integrated GPU that's on here, so the BIOS and the tour Pro is pretty much locked down to us. We do not have Advanced Settings. You cannot just go along and change the power limit in here. Unfortunately, but it's not a CPU, that would really allow us to tweak it and do much with it I'm, not too sure if we can even undervolt it, because Intel's XTU at least the latest version doesn't support this chips. If that's, what it told me, the only thing you can really change: is your boot order or go along and boot from a pendrive which I'm going to do I'm going to test out my Linux pendrive that I've got here and see how it runs Linux, Mint.

So a pleasant surprise here with Linux, that touch is working now. This normally would not work here with Linux Mint. While this is working, Bluetooth, the touchpad, the volume up and down controls and screen brightness controls, they are all working, just fine, which is great, so 100. Linux support here with Linux Mint, as I pointed out when we had a look at the underside, but god those two down with firing speakers, so they're gon na reflect off the table, reflect the sound back out towards you. Their loudness is actually okay. They'Ve got a tiny interface they're, not super high quality speakers at all, but they're a bit better than some of the other Chinese. More budget laptops are being reviewing but here's a sample of them now: Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So on to gaming performance, you can see that we're getting a frame rate of around 30 frames per second. This is 720p on the lowest settings. Now, if you're lower down to say something like 800 x, 600 it'll be a little faster, but this is an ideal. This is not a laptop for gaming, really it isn't with this kind of frame rate, so I'm about to just die. Now, Oh got lucky all right, so there's a lot of things that I do like about this laptop, so it's, some surprises there with the screen. So the touch response is good. Now I remove the screen protector that they had pre applied.

It just works so much better without it and no annoying specks of dust under that protector. That'S, probably why they gave us an extra one there. So this is selling on Amazon for about, I think it's, 450 or 499 euros, which is a lot more expensive by about 100 euros than some of the other brands that I am reviewing. But take a look at what you get. You get the touch panel and you get a very, very good screen at that that it's 1440p, that we don't normally see. So if you have to sharp a screen and quite a well built system and if you're doing a lot of just like computing documents, especially because it's got a really good keyboard on this as well and it's backlit, a good touchpad and overall good build the full Spec type C port, the webcam is OK. It comes out a little bit dark, as you saw from my sample so really there's a lot to like about this machine. It'S, true, and really only kind of weakness that I can see is the CPU just the dual cause. I think, if they put a quart m3v, for example, 8100 Y would have been a lot better with the 4 threads and a much higher turbo. So this one doesn't even have a boost clock a boost turbo there. It just is the 1.8 gigahertz flat on the 2 cores and that's it or 800 megahertz when it's in the low power mode.

So if we had the 3.4 gigahertz off the more modern, 8th gen coin 3, I think that would have been a better match for this particular laptop and considering the price of it. So the build overall go at the hinges stuff, and I like the fact that, of course, it goes all the way back, it's a really a nice laptop overall it's, just that and the battery life. The battery life is going to be anywhere from about four and a half hours to hours, tops watching videos, so that is basically core m3 battery life. Now I expected this with a 38 watt hour battery and then the 15 watt CPU yeah, Oh in gaming performance. So this is really just for light computing, as you saw even with the chrome using a lot of tabs there, that it started to get a little bit slow. But that was kind of to be expected really were just the two course. So I hope to be reviewing more from this brand to their future up and coming laptops. If they let me there is because I think it's one to look out for it's got the good build. It'S got a lot of things going for that are really really good, just as I mentioned there, those particular points. So thank you so much for watching this review.

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  2. For the price it is a decent laptop. The CPU needs to be quad core. But the screen looks great and having touch is a bonus! Great info as usual.


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