Xiaomi Redmi 8A Gaming test after updates! Snapdragon 439 performance/PUBG/ARK/Call of Duty

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So this is the gaming review of the red meat 8, a ninja, yes, snapdragon 4'. This is the 32 gigabyte ROM version you can have the buying links in the description. This is really an amazing amazing device. For this price tag, xiaomi is a killer, just completely killer. No, no thanks. Let'S start ninja as I'm, going to just show you a little bit here, one handycam gameplay and the rest of the game games. The rest of the video will be off screen or basically, a screen recorder. Gameplays you'll be impressed that this device can handle, screen, recording and playing games still with a great framerate man. I was really impressed that this device with something in for 19', can handle screen recorder and those games with a great great frame rate Applause Applause. What second first wow! That was amazing – that was amazing there Radney 8a and Whitney 8 are the best phones right now. For under 120, you get amazing 6.22 in screen, HD plus LCD IPS 5000 mAh battery 3 slots snapping for ' Android, 9 pi fresh out of the box. Probably this device will be cylinder 810 in the future in 2020. For sure Applause, okay, that's it let's go with the off screen. Gameplays enjoy don't, see difference whatsoever in the framing Music Music. Many motorsports, aiming with this gun it's, really super smooth and stable Music Music Music. I can adjust. I think you get the point let's check here, the temperatures so from 33 to 37.

Again this is a low battery and low of them is a over basically a battery option. Optimized processor heating, optimized process, it doesn't overheat, there's, no CPU, threatening and again it is a low end. Processor it's, not something really strong. So just a that in mind for the price tag, it is the best processor for the pub Jean 100 bucks nice. What happens if we put high this is the full settings, my god, he has a white suit. Can I take that white suit? Music? Nice? Oh ho, nice. I mean master damnit, okay, call of duty. Let me eat eight. Let me 880 portable recorder, Music, Music, Music Applause, okay, boys forth with the red meat ate a ninja man with the screen recorder. It looks really good and it runs really good amazing, something in 4' that's, completely amazing, Music Applause, Music, Music, it's crazy. How smooth this one's, the read me ate a while the screen recorder is on Sony smoothly, just unbelievable speed here I don't know how is this is possible. This is a cheap China phone and it can record these gameplays with this smoothness snapdragons 4' on the action Music Applause, Music Applause in just Ark survival evolved with the red meat 8a on low settings, low graphics, with screen recorder, bro 100 worth smartphone. This really good for basic youtubers, who don't have enough of money and want to record some gameplays. The zip ninjas let's put the graphics up.

We can do that example. Oh, it can't go see, unfortunately, with the sampling in 4', which is again it's fine. It can run arc, but you can only raise the resolution and that's it than just the graphics quality you can't do anything regarding that. So there is a resolution. Here is better. It is sharper, gives it yourself so maximum right now, but to live with the low graphics details. We'Re next. Have you ever wondered where to buy smart phones from chicka, chicka, Jing, Jing, Jing, Jing, China, bad as the gearbest.com and banggood.com the most reliable two sides, sir? For online buying use my promo links below in the description to purchase anything new, just as the best way to support me.

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