Xiaomi REDMI 6 PRO – BUY or SKIP?

Xiaomi recently launched two new budget phones REDMI 6 and REDMI 6A with HELIO P20 and HELIO A22, but there was a rumoured third device XIAOMI REDMI 6 PRO to launch soon afterwards. Xiaomi REDMI 6 PRO Specifications and price are now revealed and in today's Phone Talk video I will share my thoughts on Xiaomi REDMI 6 PRO – should you BUY or SKIP?

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Comment (21)

  1. Xiaomi needs to make an upgraded redmi 4x ….with bezeless display, processor like the SD 660, 5000mah battery, cameras of the note 5 or better, with a headphone jack…… I’ll buy that in a heartbeat!

  2. I really love Xiaomi. 🙂 Thanks.

    P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ”Miami Nights 1984 – Accelerated” going in the background! NewRetroWave is my fav channel 😀

  3. The size, it is smaller than Redmi 5 plus, so it definitely feel better in hand and in pocket. Too bad that there is no small phones like redmi 3 pro in this price range any more. I will be upgrading from my r3 pro to this.

    1. Yeah , but i have officially from Xiaomi global service – NO WARRENTY – for non supported country – that means if you buy a Xiaomi phone in Holland , you can not get any support

  4. Sorry, you are wrong, redmi 6 pro is smaller that the note 5, I was looking for a smaller phone for my daughter to use at school. The note 5 is great but too large for small hands. the 6 pro is ideal for her, small but still powerful..

    1. Redmi 6 pro’s display is slightly smaller 0.16 inches (my bad), I would say the real difference is almost nothing.

  5. Hi why is Holland not in the football VM 2018 ?? I think, this must be the first time ever, in historie , that Holland is not part in the VM football game ?? very strange indeed !


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