Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 Review – Thin, Powerful & Hot!

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 Review the more powerful Core i5 6200U, 8GB, Nvidia 940MX version with 256GB NVMe SSD. It's $609 here with coupon XM13Jo

More on this Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3" model:

Gaming review part 1:
Gaming review part 2 (GTA V & Witcher 3):

Drivers can be found here:


Q: Can it play XYZ game?
A: Yes, the 940MX can play most games at 720p with lowest settings

Q: Can I edit video on it.
A: Yes, but many 4k 100mb/s files with filter, transitions and animations etc does cause some slow down. (A desktop i7 is better suited to that!) Short 4k edits are fine, however.

Q: Can I upgrade the SSD or RAM?
A: Yes you can add a second sata3 SSD or replace the PCIe NVMe one. RAM cannot be upgraded or the CPU.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Watch the review

Q: What's the price in India and when will it be released?
A: No idea! Google it!

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Comment (32)

  1. hey there thanks for the vids,
    btw is this machine can run Linux easily? I heard 12.5 one had problem with speaker when using linux

    1. I can run Linux, but expect the sound to only come out of the 3.5mm port and other minor issues. If I have time I’ll try and test it out and upload a video of it.

  2. I found a quick and easy solution to help with the heat, since it’s so low and the rubber feet at the rear too short. I found two rubber door stops. With this under the notebook, temps are much, much better a good 5-6 degrees less on the GPU from improved airflow. And touching it after letting heaven 4.0 run for 45 minutes it was 46 degrees c in front of screen instead of 50 like my review. So really Xiaomi should have used higher rear rubber feet to improve airflow! GPU also doesn’t seem to throttle either. A cooler stand would make it even better (But I don’t believe in using one) Xiaomi needs to address this.

  3. hey chris, I like the voiceover approach of this video. you might however try out to record the background audio outside and put it like a background audio on a low volume behind your voice over. maybe it makes it sound more organic overall?!… i don’t know.

    it could work, if you don’t cut from outdoor to indoor shots too much. other than that. great video.

    i feel this xiaomi device is not a bargain however. especially the i5 version. maybe the followup device will be more like it.

    1. I don’t like doing voice overs, I record and do it on the spot which is why you can sometimes hear birds, the cicatas in the trees singing or the waves etc where I’m recording. Later it’s just not the same when I sit down in front of my PC with the blue yeti mic and do voice overs. Also doubles my work load. Different conditions (Inside Vs outside) in recording will always make the same mic sound different. I’m working on ways to improve things. Still learning to work my camera and audio.

  4. You say there are ‘many other options’ and the ‘market is flooded”.
    Tell me what other laptops are 1.25kg, 1.5cm thin, and has a 940mx for <$900 USD? I challenge you to recommend a single other laptop with these dimensions and a 940mx or above.

    1. This laptop has way more GPU power and a prettier design then the 710 plus.. but I agree that is also a great ultrabook.

    2. No. 710s plus on the outside might be about the same, but not really. It uses cheaper and slower SSD which it by itself about 100usd difference, and also that sweet, proper USB Type C that charges as well. Aside from the XPS 13 which cost a bomb and Macbook Pro, no other laptop, especially near this price range, that offer actual USB Type C.

  5. Just a quick question. Is this laptop good for music production? I have no clue how good is the sound card in this one. (I work with Fl studio, Ableton, Reason). Any suggestions?

  6. Hi, i would like to know, if you used a charger different from the included one in this video. And if yes, what charger was it? The usb-c plug from my charger looks different from yours.
    I’m searching for a secondary charger for the xiaomi air 13.
    Best regards

  7. i bought this nice notebook 🙂 thanks for the review. now i want to have a battery status icon like you have, reminds me of my old ThinkPad. Which tool are you using in the video?

    1. So how is it going now? I want to buy this device for long term usage. Nowadays 2017 version is on sale, so the price of this one is dropped. As a student perfect time to buy 😀

  8. I NEED HELP! 🙁

    I bought the laptop and wanted to install the English version of windows 10…
    while installing Windows 10 I got an error…*(error: stop code 0xc000021a)*
    after the first restart (during installation)….

    because of that error i can’t install windows 10…
    I’ve tried to upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10 but this also doesn’t work…

    Can somebody help me? 🙁


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