Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review – The perfect iPhone X Alternative !

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    1. TechMagnet hey can you do a review of the lgk10 2017 if you can? It’s going to be my phone in a couple of weeks and I want to see your review of it

  1. I hope Xiaomi get a lesson from Google how to do their camera software right. That’s all their phones suffers…

  2. Xiaomi should still have a little work on the design because in the optical comparison to the Samsung looks the Mi mix boring … and what is here Bezel-Less … I see nothing what Bezel-Less should be on this device

    1. Razor Blade well, my cousin bought the Mi Mix 2 and his brother owns a S8, and every time the phones are laying on the table people seem to be more interested in the MI Mix 2.

  3. No matter how good the specs are I won’t buy any new phone unless it has fast memory like UFS 2.0 or better, because after buying the Galaxy S7 the lag that always builds up over time on other phones just isn’t noticeable.

  4. Hey dude honest review. Wht all u said all are acctually very very true. S8 is Not much of an improvement from s7edge so i myself havent switched to s8, s8+ or note 8. But Mi mix 2 is not a worthy option.

  5. This is an amazing phone but is sad to see Xiaomi launch an apparently premium phone whit that camera. I think phones like LG V20 from past year has a very superior camera.

    1. These devices run LineageOS very well. I’d strongly suggest looking into it, I pout it on every xiaomi device I get.

  6. I really like u r outdoor shots ,it helps to find the screen performance in outdoor lighting condition. did u use auto-brightness or manual in outdoor.
    Check Vernee Mix2 , the phone looks great for the price .Gearbest preorder start from 170$ . hope u get a review unit ☺

  7. The reason you didn’t notice any difference in sharpness is because the s8 defaulted at 1080p (you can make it higher in the setting, but battery life will be largely affected)

    1. kenny ricardo i have it at more than fhd… difference is so small… how would you notice so much more dpi when not even your pc mobitor has more dpi… pointless

    2. TechMagnet i think the “fact” that your eye can’t notice or at least gain advantage, from more than 300 dpi still stands. And that is at smartphone to eye distance. On monitor dpi close to 300 is just useless

    1. kevan liasta first well it’s a sexy looking phone.. the screen size, mainly looks I’m sure but I like how smooth it is.

    2. kevan liasta yeah I had Nova launcher and KLWP installed but now I have it stock. I’m used to it with it’s UI. Just changed the theme and it’s cool

  8. If battery life was more of a concern i probably would have gone the S8+ , my average day is 7 hours SOT , and with medium use i have had 10 hours SOT , even 12 hours on occasion , and thats in performance mode , never ever had to worry about running out of juice on the S8+.
    i think some of the problem is that it is easy to overload the device with stuff running in the back ground, and that is a trap with having so many features and apps on the galaxys , particularly the ones with smallish batterys .
    A bit of careful consideration in what apps you have running and turn on does make a difference.
    i do get the better hand feel of the mi mix , if you have biggish hands , the smaller s8 feels like a small fish , its so compact and slippery(probably awesome for little hands) ,
    i love the S8+ but i find even that a tad small feeling and slippery with my largeish hands , i have to have a case on it .
    my galaxy note 4 naked by comparison with its wide body with sorta sqaure ish edges just feels so good , not slippery at all ….. if only it had the 835 in it 🙂 ..

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    ⦁ RAM: 6GB
    ⦁ Storage: 64 GB, expandable with microSD
    ⦁ Rear Camera: 16.0MP+13.0MP; f/2.0; LED Flash; PDAF; Blur mode
    ⦁ Front Camera:
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