Xiaomi Mi 8 Dual Frequency GPS Better Than Others Or Marketing Hype?

Mi 8 dual frequency GPS. Xiaomi has hyped this up, but is it really better than another phones GPS? Where to buy Gearbest TradingShenzhen:

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Comment (57)

    1. Marketing and hyping it up. I was also fooled to think it would have some amazing accuracy. Somehow I don’t see other MFGs adding band 5 support with their GPS modules.

    2. Maybe the “Dual” Gps is interfering with each other that’s why you can’t get a precise location. Maybe the upcoming update of MIUI 10 will fix that. Fingers crossed

    3. This Broadcom chip (BCM47755) has only been released recently. The other manufacturers are going to catch up now.

    1. Mi 8 also uses China location satellites. It is still limited to China so maybe mi 8 is designed for China.

    2. This is the only thing that comes into my mind. They must haven’t optimized it for outside China. Probably when it goes global officially, things will get better.

  1. So……. marketing hype…..no surprise there with low tier Chinese/Asian/Indian manufacturers then. Pretty much everything they advertise is the same or less with what the main 3 release.

    1. Well let’s not put all those together in one category shall we. Samsung is an Asian brand and is the best in the business.

      That aside, I think Chris’ set GPS isn’t working well because he has a Chinese variant of the phone. We should wait for judgement until the European variant is launched. However if it really is just a marketing gimmick then that’s just too bad.

    2. Dipendra Tiwari well your original comment was very childish so I’d say you have a pretty immature mindset. Why can’t I leave a comment without some imbecile like you leaving an aggressive and petulant reply like that? Why can’t you just be civil and adult about it? Why do you even have to respond at all? I have my opinion, you have yours. Have a debate if it means that much to you, but at least try and have one like an adult. Keyboard warriors like your are what’s wrong with society. And you can’t even tell me you’re religious because you know what I’m going to say regarding your comment about idiocy. Go back to the hole you came from you silly boy and come back when you can talk like a mature adult.

    3. Even if it’s optimized for Chinese satellites it should at least be comparable with other phones that are getting about 3~5m not 16m!!

      It seems the only way to get better nav is to wait for the top premium phones from _Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony_ .. I’m sure if any one of them releases a phone with dual-frequency gnss it’d be _MILES_ better than low tier brands like Xiaomi and the rest.

  2. Better camera soft? Lower memory and battery consumption by MIUI? Who need that? Let’s improve that what works well!

    1. I don’t think they can actually go lower with battery consumption on MIUI honestly. I’ve been using many custom roms, and none was even remotely close to MIUI in terms of battery life.

    1. I have compared Mi8 to OP5t and LG G7, both od them are more accurate than Mi8 (in Poland) so situation is the same 🙂

    2. Yeah, there is definitely something wrong with hardware, firmware or/and software. I guess, it would better to check it in 6 months or so. That should be enough time do and validate changes in firmware and software side.

      Also L5 signal helps when there is no direct line of sight, you have obstructions. You probably want to check those particular situations where L5 actually suppose to deliver. You can find more information in Broadcom material.

    3. Thank you so that triple confirms it. As I used two and it was the same. Not willing to get a 3rd one!

    1. You should’ve chosen Device Only. With High accuracy, you’re also using network (wifi/cell) triangulation, not just GPS/Gallileo/etc.

  3. every people saw 16m accuracy (XDA,Miui), need be software update. L5 uses first time many advantages under the big buildings area navigation.

  4. the software you are using to test is not designed for dual gps , may be ? this is the first thing in the market. In my device its ok locks slightly faster than s8 plus.

  5. Less than 10 meter accuracy just little bit better than average, not so impressive. Try outdoors at no coverage.

  6. It run China rom and only done well in China with weibo map
    I know because I visited China and buy this mi8 in Beijing
    It work bad in Vietnam

    1. Dear VinhKhang. Could you please test GPS accuracy in case you visit China again? This would be very appreciated!

    2. VinhKhang Chu Even if it’s optimized for Chinese satellites it should at least be comparable with other phones that are getting about 3~5m not 16m!!

    3. I asked my friend who build miui rom and he said Chinese rom has a bug and GPS is set for Chinese mainland and can be fix by up a global rom

  7. I can’t even get a fix inside my house on my note 5 whereas it worked fine on my redmi note 3. I only get a fix now when i go out to the balcony. Even then it takes time.

    1. Rino AP yeah? So i have to go outside. Call a uber and wait for them in the hot summer sun because gps is SUPPOSED to be used outside?

  8. I’ve been using a Garmin Oregon 600 to track long day hikes. With little screen-on time it lasts 16 hours on a charge. How many hours could I get from a good phone? (I don’t have a phone to test this myself)

    1. Ehsan Taheri Dude, stop reading gsmarena! They’re known to report false benchmark scores and even wrong spec details for some phones with incorrect performance tests.. especially when they test anything related to audio/speaker and connectivity like wifi and gps.


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