Xiaomi Mi 6X Vs Mi 8 SE Quick Camera Comparison

Mi 8 SE Vs Mi 6X camera comparison. Covering front and back cameras, video and low light. Which has the best cameras? Buy Mi6X here: & Mi8SE:

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Comment (37)

    1. 6x,but the difference is minimal,if i am the buyer ],i would go for 8 se since i am a google camera user

  1. Mi 8 S. E is bit unique in design, Display & build Quality, where as from your review Mi A2 (6X) got better looking camera specially stable video camera

  2. I personally believe that it is not fair to compare the 4k video of the mi6x with the mi8se stock because it is not a fair comparison, it should be with the same cameras, if not the mi6x would have been the same and if in my case it would also be unfair. and well I also wanted to ask you if the mi8 is updating it or has the same rom that when you received it?

    1. Not at all, if both phones don’t support it I won’t use it, besides it quite bad. It either oversharpens (text) or overexposes, saturates and creates unnatural photos. It’s quite a gimmick.

  3. EIS and camera in general is perfectly optimised in the 6X .. Mi 8 SE is new not optimized bugs etc. The global variant with MIUI 10 will provide 50% better pictures and potrait shots and ofc EIS for 4K .

  4. Thanks a lot for this video. I actually feel like Mi 8 SE produces better looking photos and videos (althought without stabilisation), except for low light. Maybe its because of more contrast, more pleasant bright colors even though they are not as realistic. Also, it looks like there is wider angle lens on Mi 8 SE, or am i wrong ?


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