Woboard S Electric Skateboard Review

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Woboard S Electric Skateboard Longboard Board Remo... US $499.00 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
Woboard S Electric Skateboard Longboard Board Remo... US $499.00 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now

enSkate Woboard S unboxing and review. Electric skateboard with up to 12 mile/19 km range and 22 MPH/36 km/h top speed. Where to buy: US: UK: More info:

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Comment (17)

  1. Nice – next up you really, really need to get yourself an EUC. Perhaps the best purchase I’ve ever made bar none.

  2. I don’t have any usage for it.
    But I liked to see that review and you having at least more fun with it than the latest tab phone tech. The intro was quite shocking cause I knew about xour injuries from twitter had suddenly had the thought that you had crashed in that particular moment.

    I hope it last long … cause maybe I can afford to make it a gift for a student. …who might love it.

  3. Now this is something i did not expect. Loved the video as i was actually looking for an electric longboard myself. Hope to see more videos like this where you “branch out” to reviewing different pieces of tech.

  4. I had an Evolve Bamboo GT (with terrain wheels). Great skateboard but man, it is bloody dangerous. So I sold it before a newer model came out.


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