WLToys 124012 4WD RC KEEPOWER Desert Buggy Car Test Drive Review

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This speedy dirt buggy loves kicking up dirt and is faster than most other RC cars in its class. Find it here

– 4 wheel drive. Transmission is well sealed against dirt. Bearings used throughout differential. Nearly all gears are steel (but main spur is plastic).
– Independent suspension.
– Very fast car. Top speed advertised at 60 KMH.
– Tires provide plenty of traction in the dirt.
– Common 540 brushed motor. Easy and cheap to find replacement if needed.
– Up to 100 meter range (I got 80 meters).
– 7.4V 1500mah battery gave me close to 8 minutes drive time. Has LiPo LVC protection, and stops when the battery level gets low.

– Added two tires are spares only. They are for decoration only, and are not connected to the transmission. They also lower the clearance of the car. It might be a good idea to remove them to raise the clearance if you plan on crawling with the car.
– Suspension was a bit stiff. The car flipped on me a lot.
– Brushed motor car. But replacement 540 motors are cheap and widely available.

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    1. Congratulations. You were the first to say First (and who had not already previously won). You win a shoutout in a future QC101 video. Again, congratulations!

  1. So many people are in a rush to say “First” but can’t give you a thumbs up on your great videos. NOT true fans!

  2. It’s a generic Tx and the modes are used for differing things, for instance on the 4WS 1/24th crawlers for changing the steering modes. The truck needs some serious modding to be useful for anything but flat track running. _As is always the case, speed isn’t everything_ 🙂
    Approximately 447th on views, 49th on likes and 16th in the comments. (not that it matters much)

  3. Fun little buggy, but like you said, the spare tires lower the clearance and it seems to roll over frequently. Thanks for the review.


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