Will HUAWEI Service my P30 LITE after the TRUMP BAN ?

Donald Trump has escalated the US China Tradewar with the Huawei Ban. Huawei is about to release their Hongmeng OS and some websites said they will stop production ? But is this really true ?
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China and the US are seeking to lead the world in rolling out 5G, speedy networks that will enable everything from rapid downloading of videos to autonomous driving. Washington’s move to in effect ban US suppliers from selling to Huawei, the Chinese tech group that is the biggest vendor of telecoms equipment, has dealt a blow to the country’s ambitions in the sector.
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    1. @立阿 You stand up for Huawei, stand up for Communism, yes you are my enemy, like I said you best pray to whatever God, or State you never cross my path.

    2. @Sham Maideen Your words say how God your countries are 😒😒😒😒 how horrible just learn to respect man. It’s a basic personality.

    3. @antonwearsakilt It’s not Huawei’s fault that they are born in China there are so many great eunterprenire there. And Huawei is a consumer owned company. So it has done so many stuff for their workers. It’s a must to any company to listen to the government.

    4. @Lash Gash Huawei is owned by the Communist Chinese these are the same people who killed 59 million people back in 1947-1954,. In fact the Communist Chinese rounded up 1.8 million Falung Gong for harvesting of their body parts.

      2018 the Communist Chinese rounded up all of the Muslim Wiegers in China and have them in internment reeducation camps.

      Huawei is part the the Communist Chinese Military, go ahead support this bullshit, go ahead continue to fend for Huawei, it shows us all you are the Evil one, and since I hunt Pedophiles, and Communists you fit my bill. Judgement day has come for you Lash Gash, watch your 6 mofo.

  1. Don’t worry because huawe! will survive and sucess on the new operating system .

  2. It is same here in Bulgaria. Every last two days of the month there is exactly same 60 euro discount and free screen protector. I had my P30 pro glass broken too and replaced for free. As Huawei offer via HiCare free 90 days insurance for both front/back glass via single click. I got it and my free insured phone was fixed glass

  3. I said it before and I’ll proudly say it again . I’ll always use a huawei phone some how some way cause they’re the best . I’m with you Huawei hang on there.

  4. Freedom from Google is also coming. Hongmeng will solve the issue so far. That means if not get service in USA still can get it from maxico 😂


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