Why DxOMark Smartphone Camera Scores are Wrong.

Next time Huawei or Samsung quote the DxOMark Score of their P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone camera, just bear in mind that this 1 figure is not what you want to take from it…

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Comment (82)

    1. View numbers run through a bunch of tests that determine if the views are real. And only then are they counted. This is why the view numbers lag behind. People get paid based on view numbers, this is why they are very careful about those numbers.

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    1. I don’t think I agree with your point about not including things like the light painting modes and not rating “the camera experience”. DXO is focusing on things more relating to how well the camera sensor performs with the camera basics, exposure, iso performance, sharpness, etc. Besides, would you really think that if one camera was objectively worse than another, but they had the same score because the worse camera phone had the cheesy “3D stickers” or whatnot that a lot of phones do? It doesn’t make sense on that front. As far as things like night sight go, that’s a bit of a different story, but even then I think they should still evaluate the base picture, and make note of night sight on the side, not just replace the original with the one that’s objectively better.

    2. +Changstachio I agree with you, the boss comments are seems like he thinks he knows better than the professional team behind DXOMARK, although their scoring is not perfect (which nothing is) they can improve their scoring. The boss seems telling everyone not to use DX’s pointing system? Where else should simple consumer look for scoring of phone’s camera? His videos? No no no, his videos doesn’t compare to the rigorous testing done by DX’s….

    3. +MrTech Suave Exactly. Yes, it’s not perfect, but to say that they should ONLY go on specific picture/video categories instead of an overall numbered score is a little stupid to me. If someone wants a phone that’s good for video and pictures, I wonder what number they would be looking at? *Overall*

    4. +Changstachio true it sounds stupid but what if a phone’s camera performance is only significantly good in one category while bad in the other? If the buyer wants a phone that performs above average in both categories the overall score wouldn’t help.

    5. +Jerry Wang I understand that, but I’m saying that you have an overall score, and then you can go in and see the individual scores for each category. Aaron is saying to ONLY show the individual scores, which I disagree with, among other things

  1. Very well put. Hoping that Huawei keeps coming out with powerhouses. I love this p20 pro and I think they left the mate out actually because the p20 pro is the actual camera line

    1. +JJr definetly, considering that the p20 pro is their focus on camera, I mean it’s a 40mp after all. I’m still amazed at that. Also it’s mentioned in the video that the night mode has to be held. But I’ve used it and mannnnn, I love night mode so much.

  2. Your title is clickbait. The DXO Mark scores aren’t ‘wrong’. They have their negatives, but they give an overall idea of the picture/video quality of the smartphone. Camera features such as Top Shot and Light Painting don’t factor into that.

    However, I do agree that DXOMark should factor in the night modes of smartphones. I agree with your other negatives too, but your title should be ‘DXOMark scores are flawed’. Not wrong.

    1. He failed to mention that half of what you have take will come out blurred in night mode, as several unbiased reviewers have mentioned.
      The quality and versatility of the Huawei camera’s puts them in a deserved first place. Imo

  3. Huawei P20 Pro : haha, i rule all.
    Google Pixel 4XL : hello guys.
    Huawei P20 Pro : uh ho!
    Huawei Mate 20 Pro : Hold My Beer, Google. 🍺

  4. hey, you only complained about how they didnt use night sight on the pixel, but they didnt also use night mode on the huawei p20 pro. Still p20 pro got much better score than pixel 3. DxOmark is not about software features. It would be REALLY unfair that something like night mode or night sight was used, because other phones dont have it and so the low-light section would be broken for smartphones that have a low light mode. It would twist the whole test and score, so the pixel 3 and mate 20 pro would stand sooo much above others only because of the night mode/sight.

    Also a total score is way easier to advertise than say “so yeaaa our phone won the exposure, low light, bokeh, detail and 123987483724 other categories!!!”. If you want to really compare scores, Dxomark also provides you the info of the phone’s points per every category. So I don’t really see why you are complaining.

    Overall, you sound like you are just pissed because pixel and oneplus (and other your favorite phones) got lower scores than note 9 or huawei p20 pro or iphone XS.

    1. True AF……….. DxO mark gives a single score after getting an average from every department be it bokeh,night mode ,AI so, atlast who scores more is the winner.

    2. Of course P20 pro scores higher because it doesnt rely on software that much. Pixel 3 still superior in real life use with that Night Sight though and its not even close

    3. +Aaqib Ali Baloch they dont take average. Also night mode and AI are not a category in their scoring. Read dxomark ratings. Its more complicated than that and its the reason why dxomark is flawed and cant be trusted alone

  5. Ranking things is always biased even when doing sub categories. This video is stating the obvious. Everyone gives different importance to the selection criteria. Didn’t you do a TOP 15 smartphone of 2018 a few weeks ago? Was it biased? Yes. Should we still do rankings then? Yes, but people should know that they are biased (not only DXOMARK’s ones). If some rankings/scoring are less biased than other, DXOMARK is one of them for sure.

    1. Well apart from companies being able to work together with DXOMARK the scores aren’t biased. They give every phone the same measurable conditions to perform at. If the scores were biased it would be No.1 Pixel 3 and no. 2 Huawei but pixel 3 is so rubbish without all the AI it didnt stand a chance…

  6. Speaking about audio recording quality, can we all stop for a moment and realize that the most expensive smartphones on the market (iPhone and Pixel) have JUST STARTED to record stereo audio in their latest iteration? 😂😂😂😂 The wonders of 1950s technology…

    1. You realize this is all compact in a a tiny interior which also has other features stuff inside with computer base technology and it main feature ………..was to be a phone. Your expectations are too high 😅

    2. Still, the best audio and video quality though….better late than never! All the competition is average or terrible.

  7. This is hypocrisy. It was Google who made DXOmark matter and media went shounting about it. Now again media saying otherwise.

  8. I completely agree! Take the Samsung s9+ as an example. It has a score of 99, and on papper it seems like a competitive camera. Bet it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, the hardware is great, but the image processing is horrible and the dxomark does not represent that. There is no information about the inconsistensy, the weird smoothening that can’t be turned off as well as the oversharpened details. I’ve experienced this first hand and was dissapointed in the camera ( which is funny because i switched from a 5 year old iphone 6 )
    The idea is great, but the testing and data gathering needs to be improved, so the scores better represent the actuall camera experience.

    1. Yeah, I really want mobile manufacturers to save two images when clicked., a processed one and an unprocessed one (not DNG file, just a jpeg without any software intervention).

    2. It’s noise reduction really has quite a bit of smoothing, and grain structure is quite unnatural. It simply lacks the high quality noise reduction of iPhones XS and Huawei mate 20 Pro, where the noise reduction maintains enough grain that it looks like it’s been taken on a DSLR at low ISO.

    3. +Arthur Finny Are you on Android 9 with One UI. I think they have put a fix for that on Android 9.The recent updates really improved the camera and addressed many issues.


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