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We got some new smartphones. Will your big smartphone guy tap down scroll in yo? Oh yeah, snap, in a lot of that, real me claims, at least what, in the case of this one on the left, the x2 Pro they're, calling it the full speed, flagship, flagship killer, Jack's at a fraction of the price. You know how this goes. They come in hot, they come in ready. She is like the Fighting Irish yeah focus on the higher end model for now, snapdragon 855 50 watt charging. You can charge it up fully in just over half an hour. You have AMOLED in the display, depending on the spec, that you get either 8 or 12 gigabytes of RAM. It'S got a 90 Hertz refresh on the display, so we've become familiar with that now it's, like must have thing it gives you this feeling of speed, instantaneous feedback, a quad camera setup, sixty four megapixel five times: optical hybrid zoom and 20x hybrid zoom there's. Also, an ultra wide on there that's a spec list, the specs you expect and in what's the price spec this one converted for USD it's around 450 bucks. So now you're definitely paying attention you're, paying attention right, well, four thousand milliamp hour battery as well. Okay. So now let's check out the construction. Of course we got a care, they've included a case nice little freebie in there, the device over here I have the Pearl, whitish blue gradient, looking thing, that's, quite that's kind of nice.

You can see the camera layout in the center there. You have four separate modules: the top one 64 megapixels this one here is gon na, be your ultra wide and I guess there's a depth sensor at the bottom as well. So it's got this water drop style. Knotch, the camera is almost the entire size of the knotch there's, no fancy face ivy face unlock sensors and things like that is strictly optical. If you choose to use the face unlock, but many manufacturers have gone this direction to men, the size of the notch. Google, not one of those companies Apple, not one of those companies, one plus one of those companies – hmm a USB type c connector. We have a headphone jack, ladies and gentlemen, a headphone jack. Will he do? We? Have our power switch also identified by a little gold tinge, a gold touch? This is an important part that's, the super vooc charger. Can I get you to say that for me? Well, super Buch easy. There it's a little much it's a family, show it's worthwhile for us to crack into the standard x2, because this one's gon na be targeted at the even more budget. Conscious. Can we get a price on this one? Well? 250, us around 250 us. So you can find this one between 420 450 somewhere in that range. The standard x2, on the other hand, it's kind of more like 220 to 250. So even that model gets a case to go with it.

Once again, we have this pearlescent vibe, but but it's a slightly different implementation of the gradient camera module is offset it's over to the side, instead of being in the center of the device, as it is on the pro version. Six point four versus six point: five: okay and the battery is the same as well so and Oh, faster geing, 50 watts on the pro 30 watts on the non pro. So the biggest difference between the two, you have a 700 series snapdragon. This is gon na, be your mid range model versus the top of the line flagship, a 55 plus in the bigger one. So I got the charging, you have a different display. You got the different chip and you have about two hundred dollars difference. Okay, at this point, I'm gon na go back to the pro, so we are at the face enrollment section of the setup. Oh this one's a little Wow. How did it what that was really fast, I'm sceptical of the face on la thing, because it happened Sol. It was none of. There was none of that. All this optical face unlock is sold fast, where it's it doesn't there's, no animation, even it's, just it's some crazy technology. Look! Okay, it's! Not looking at me! Nothing! Nothing! Bang! I mean it's. Always this trade off well convenience security, if you're into convenience, it is really tough to beat these super quick optical face online. I mean about the profile.

Oh, he had a profile he's getting on the profile, so they're all sure there's a lot of technologies floating around yeah, the main takeaway from me here: 90 Hertz, guys 90 Hertz. If you haven't experienced 90 Hertz. What can I tell you? I can't help you. The camera is not quick enough to catch it, but to my eyeballs it's all happening the pixel, the recent pixel, as well as the one plus they have this. And then, when you go to a device like, I did to the iPhone that doesn't it's, an instantaneous thing, you do a death it's. One of those modern features that you notice. So the display is AMOLED. Yes, it's got a bit of a bit of a bezel around it, not the most aggressive screen to body ratio, I believe it's above 90, they say ninety one point: seven percent. We should probably snap a photo or going natural in three two one. Those are real beard hairs. I can attest to them, you can yank them, it will hurt Jack. You see the pores that's the detail, I'm. Looking for look at the pores and the cheek there that's what I'm looking for well others are trying to smooth. I would like to see the raw detail reality as it stands rear camera. Here we go alright, so we have that. Is your 1x standard focal range it's triggering automatic HDR. We take the photo. We click this button up to 2x grab our focus Kabam.

We go up to 5x hybrid boom and we go to our ultra wide, which starts to pick up my hand, so I'll switch my grip. The best part about having these various options is just being able to get a shot. You might not otherwise be able to get this. The versatility factor so that's a very wide image. Obviously we have our our zoom that's. Quite the zoom, keep in mind, we're lit pretty well in here, so that's. Probably why that's looking so sharp, well that's? Looking incredibly sharp, this is your 2x zoom and there is your standard focal use to exiting looking, maybe nicer than the standard focal range anyhow shout out. We like to watch the show from downstairs because wills, a big fan of it that's your cropped, look with the black bars. Of course, we zoom in and we're fine, and then we hit the volume real, quick and, according to Killian Bell on Cult of Mac. That next thing is almost here. This is Apple's long rumored AR glasses uh for and 50 you're watching video AMOLED, 90 Hertz Snapdragon. A 55 plus a bunch of cameras to choose from pearl type finish: 50 watt charger full charge in half an hour. Willie do Luke! You

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    1. Realme and 1+ are both subbrands of the same company. In fact realme uses a lot of the tech that OnePlus used and just makes it cheaper.

    1. @Robin 2:27 I probably may be overthinking it, but it could be that Will said it better than him. Lew probably thought that Will was starting a competition and looking for a fight.

    1. CraftManGreg yeah but Apple told Samsung how to do so Samsung display literally has nothing to do with apple’s

    2. @Ashton Sequeira yea while you are right that is 18watts what difference does it make if they are still charging you $900 plus for.garbage specs lmfao


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