Voro Orca Mark I Scooter Review

Voro Orca Mark I review. E-bike/escooter with 60km range and 37km/h top speed. More info and where to buy:

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Comment (27)

    1. Britec09 thank you, lots of team effort went into developing this!

      We hope UK police can start using these scooters, cross fingers

    2. @VOROMOTORS lets hope so, its crazy really, they have been using a fine system to stop people using them in public places. Great product and would not mind one myself. 🙂 we can all dream.

  1. Every time I look at these and see the crowds of people suddenly using them all over the place it just confuses me, my bike is completely superior in every way, speed/range/reliability/comfort/exercise, why are these scooters even a thing?

    1. For those that don’t want to build up a sweat on they way to work? I mountain bike myself and do it for fitness rather than transportation

  2. still remember your m365 review a while ago which encourage me to buy one.
    Now 1,5 year later with 3500km on in i really love the freedom of mobility inside of cities. I think in these days a M365 still is the best deal for electric mobility imo for the price range weight and practicality.
    Thanks a lot for your reviews.
    Another topic about TWS i would recommend you to check the Sabbat E12 for base music lovers like me. Impressive Chinese product said from an audiophile person with a lot of different expensive headphones. I guess it will be a very interesting product for many people in the channel which still use wired phones. For 46€ seems impossible to me have better sound quality deep and sub base like this. Also able to charge wirelessly and vie USB-C.»»» Sabbat E12 ««««

  3. At those speeds and with other traffic I’d recommend a helmet at all times. A head injury could be fatal.

  4. Wow me encanta tu vídeo muy profesional me suscribo y un súper like muchas gracias por tu contenido


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