Visuo Zen K1 Folding GPS 4K HD Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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This brushless folding GPS drone records 2K video and 4K photos directly to an SD card, avoiding recorded video lag and dropped frames. Find it here with one battery , with two spare batteries and handbag , and with three spare batteries and handbag

– Folding drone for maximum portability and protection of the drone during travel.
– Brushless motors.
– GPS with automatic return to home and landing on command, loss of signal, or low battery.
– Optical flow sensor for automatic indoor hovering.
– Headless mode and altitude hold capability.
– 2K video and 4K photo recording. Files are recorded directly to an onboard micro SD card. A phone is not necessary for video or photo recording.
– Wide angle lens with remote up/down control of the lens. Can view any angle from approximately 10 degrees up to 90 degrees down.
– FPV Go app provides real time FPV video and sharing capability. The app also includes electronic video stabilization, 50X digital zoom, gesture control, circle and follow me capability.
– 11.1V 2500mah battery provides well over 20 minutes flight time.

– Weighs 501 grams (1.1 pound). Will likely require registration in many countries.
– FPV range somewhat short. Maximum FPV range varied from 100 to 200 meters depending on the phone that I used.
– The FPV Go app requires use of 802.11ac WiFi. Not all phones have this capability. It is very important to first verify that your phone is 802.11ac WiFi capable before purchasing.
– Waypoint feature would not work with the app.
– Activation of the app's electronic video stabilization can cause severe lag of the FPV video.
– Plenty of video jello.

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Comment (26)

  1. Welcome back. How I can win a drone with your channel…… l like your videos ……?????????????????????? watching from ALGERIA desert

    1. Put another $40 to it and get a Fimi a3. For that you get a gimble and a very capable drone. In my opinion it’s better value than the hubsan zino which has a 4K camera but is slightly more expensive than the Fimi.

  2. Nice review, nice drone. Would be good for someone’s first drone to learn to fly. Everything looks like it works. Quite a bit of jello on yours but I’ve seen other reviews with not as much jello. Visuo generally makes good stuff. ?

  3. Terrible..Visuo really blew this one. Was so hoping it would be cool. Anyone that suggests this is good is not going to make things better. They need to recall this or at least hear from folks how bad it is. And I’ve seen plenty of reviews on this one, shame. Thx QC101, hopefully you can send Visuo a message about this one and make some sort of an impact. Great review as always.

  4. Just save up a bit longer and look out for a Hubsan Zino or Fimi A3 on offer, they are always coming up on flash sales instead of throwing your money away on these folding 5g WiFi look a likes.

  5. I have always been a huge fan of the Visuo drone series. They are generally durable drones that do exactly what they advertise without any problems in my experience 3 times so far. From the original visuo, to the battle sharks visuo, to the GPS visuo, they’ve always done a great job on their toys. This Zen K1 is a disaster. $150 for the bare minimum and the video footage is a bowl full of jello. Waypoints worked with the Visuo GPS, so why doesn’t it work for this one? Just disappointing. Thanks for the review.

  6. “Visuo” a ripoff of the far better-known brand name Visio just to get name recognition? How many naive buyers are fooled? Also, Proprietary Batteries once again instead of standard LiPO’s …. just try to find extra’s for sale later after your 1 original has died. IF you can find extra proprietary ones, they will be 4x the cost of an equivalent Zippy or HobbyKing LiPO with standard connectors. And what about repair parts, where are those? This is the biggest problem with ALL these “Off-brand” Quads. No thanks to all these here today and gone tomorrow Quads

  7. I have had this since the beginning of August shame they rushed this out instead of fixing all the issues I have the version 1 of sjrc f11 far more stable than the zen k1 thanks for reviewing the zen ???

  8. RE: Compass Calibration for every GPS Drone.
    I have a couple of 3DR Solo’s, and once it is calibrated, I have never had to do it again. Any thoughts on that, Quadcopter 101?


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