Vernee V2 Pro Review in English – Shatters Expectations

If you’re looking for a budget phone from China with an IP68 rating, NFC, stock Android and Big Battery you need to watch my Vernee V2 Pro full Review in English. Vernee V2 Pro Shatters expectations by having Android 8.1 Oreo, 18:9 Display, NFC, 6GB RAM and USB-C with an IP68 water-resistant rating at a low cost.

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V2 Pro is a fast and tough phone that doesn’t break the bank while also having a smooth stock Android experience, long battery life, takes good photos and plays the latest games.

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Comment (6)

  1. Shame screen cracked! Looks like a case might protect that curved screen. P23 seems to a very good chip balancing performance and battery life. Any phone getting 9+ hours screen on time should handle anyone’s needs. Cheers

  2. i bought this phone because i was tired of 3000 mAh battery dying in a few hours and not being able to see my display in sunlight, but didn’t want to pay amoled prices($500 usd or more). The big drawback is the shitty camera. Grainy at night and it constantly tries to “refocus” when taking a picture. If you can figure out of how turn off that “refocus” that the camera does i’d really appreciate it.

  3. Hey Steve, would you do a Doogee BL9000 review?

    I read some articles that says the phone is the first one using Pump Express 4.0 which charge to 100% in 1 hour 15 minutes

  4. The expectation is too much for this phone. It is not a really rugged phone

    Once the screen is cracked, you better press lightly on the cracked screen. At first the screen is still usable, but never press at the cracked screen too much.


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