Use Your Tablet As A Second Windows 10 Monitor (Twomon SE)

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This app Twomon SE lets you use your iPad or Android 6.0+ tablet as a second touchscreen monitor with a Windows 10 PC. Where to get: Twomon SE

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Comment (29)

  1. Cool, didn’t know these kind of apps work that well, easy and convenient by now. Quite impressive. Thanks for the video

    1. True but Miracast is quite laggy. But still fine for anything that’s not videos like spreadsheets, websites or photos etc

  2. Does this work with a stylus (assuming the tablet has one) like for example the huawei mediapad m5 pro etc…. And can you use it for things like photoshop?

    1. I think it will as it’s another input on the tablet otherwise they have another app for that on their website

    1. You’re welcome, I thought for once it’s an okay app and useful to the community here. Now I really don’t need to take my plug in touch screen but driving the tablet as a monitor does take up a little CPU power.

    2. I never knew apps like that existed. Hmmm, perhaps a future video on your top 10 android apps. I’m sure it’ll be popular. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for including the honest disclaimer (paid promotion) in the video. Still an interesting product

  4. Hey Chris Thanks sharing…. and yes love ya maximise the usage of mi pad 4 lol….

    somehow u read part of my mind about mirror and extending to another pad…. actually i am lookin out for a android phone to andorid pad…. without rooting n controlling from pad… is there any app?

  5. Will you review the Huawei Matebook E 2019? I’m basically waiting for your review to click the “order” button =D

  6. Please demonstrate with iPad 2018 or iPad pro + windows laptop. I want to see the performance, because that my setup right now. A windows laptop + ipad

  7. Since becouse this app doesnt have trial, you probablt want to use wiredXdisplay for trial just in case you want to test compatibility. Or to test latancy / framerates by yourself


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