Upgrading My Laptop With A Core i5 9400 Desktop CPU!

I upgraded my dual-core Pentium laptop CPU to a 9th Gen Core i5 9400 6-core desktop CPU and the results are amazing! This 16.1" 144hz gaming laptop has an LGA1151 socket which takes CPU upgrades. More here: This laptop sells for $686 here: (affiliate link) it's also called the Clevo NB60TA.

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Comment (37)

  1. Very interesting design to have the CPU be user replaceable, although I can see the design nightmare it probably is. Especially with having to use desktop CPU’s.

    Interestingly the i5 9400 is slightly faster than the 9750h overall for games, with the 9750h pulling ahead a little in productivity tasks. But the 9400 has a 20w higher TDP.
    Will you give us an update on battery impacts?

  2. Let’s hope ‘upgradability of core components’ in laptops slowly starts to become a standard in the future. This was really interesting and really brave of you!

    1. @It’s Milan well many of them are DTR so value isn’t a factor, NB50/NB60 and N950/N960 has good value though

    2. @GeneXiS_X yeah but that’s how it is now
      That’s why I prefer itx mini PC over laptops now day
      It has it’s cons but end of the it’s better value per performance

    3. A return to MXM gpu cards would be great but iirc the standard is limited to 8x pcie so it would require an update.

  3. I really, really liked this video (among your other videos).
    Like I mentioned on your first video, I really do wish more manufacturers do this.

  4. That’s the content I want to see more of! WRT RAM, what’s the max capacity? Can it handle 32GB? Then it would make a perfect workstation laptop! RAM speed?

    1. Hi glad you like it, was fun to make this video as it’s something different. Max it can handle is two 16GB sticks or yes 32GB in total. RAM speed 2666Mhz DDR4 but you could get a different PNP 3200Mhz G.Skill kit etc(Not worth it)

    2. @TechTablets.com Actually it can support 64GB. The 32GB limit is given by manufacturers mainly based on commonly available Ram module size or the max size they sell it with, not by the actual memory support by the Processor. I have upgraded my HP Omen 15t 2018 model (8750H, GTX 1070 MAX-Q) with two Samsung 32GB modules, when they were on sale at $150 and it works fine. In recent years none of the manufacturers artificially limit the max Ram capacity, it is limited by official supported memory by Processor manufacturer.

    1. @TechTablets.com LOL! Yes, I was thinking about vrms specially. I would love to check something like the i3-9350k(most powerful fourcore-91w) and the i5-9600k.

    2. Im not sure if your expectating all users here to be ajour with prices for all the different CPUs around the world, but weird that you dont use a second to just state what you paid for this CPU-upgrade… as it can also be informative to sense prices around the globe.
      There are a minimum of certain spec you need to state, and usually, you do, but whatever.
      otherwise, you could use a sentence in your description for such vital info, instead of filling it with chinese affiliate links and patreon, paypal etc.

    1. Yes runs fine with no undervolting but and later I did undervolt 0.09 to help out which I think most would do if going as far as upgrading the CPU

  5. Excellent video! All we need now is for Clevo to figure out how to cheaply & simply upgrade the GPU & I’ll only have to buy a new laptop every decade! Thanks.

  6. this upgrade option should be a standard on modern gaming laptops,most laptops are disposable…I wonder if they can also apply the liquid copper pipe cooling that smartphones have to modern gaming laptops

  7. Now this can run Crysis 3 720p @30 FPS locked. Awesome job.

    Loved the video wish my laptop was also upgradeable.

  8. This is amazing! Please do a follow up videos. Things I can think of is undervolting the laptop, delidding the CPU, upgrading RAM and storage, and most importantly, a 1 or 3 months after video. I’m sorry it’s too much to ask, I’m really just curious because I’d like to have this laptop.

    PS: Hopefully there’s an AMD version 🙂


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