UMIDIGI S3 Pro: Unboxing the 48MP Flagship!

Take a closer look at the world's 1st 48MP ceramic phone #UmidigiS3Pro! The S3 Pro will officially open global sale at $279.99 on 18th March. Learn more, Giveaway,

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Comment (25)

    1. When will I get mine? Ordered it in late February on Indiegogo. I can’t wait for this phone so beautiful, so powerful the specs on this phone or simply amazing love what you are doing within the cellphone world Umidigi is by far the king of the mountain! Congratulation guys!

  1. Super Luxury Phone UMIDIGI S3 Pro Great Design Perfect Smart Phone I need this Phone Great Job UMIDIGI Nice video.

  2. Dear #Umidigi Team Following & participating
    Innovative #UmidigiS3Pro📱is the Perfect Companion🤘🏻😎..Becoz
    Its the World’s #First Ceramic Phone with
    = #48MP+#12MP Rear Cams + #20MP Selfie + #5150mAh + #6GB+#128GB & More

  3. You should also make the full review of this Phone cuz people want a review of this phone and Non of the channel make a review of this phone…!!!!


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