UMIDIGI S3 Pro: 48MP Camera Beast!

48MP Sony IMX586 dual rear camera, 20MP Sony selfie camera, 5150mAh battery and Luxury Ceramic design, UMIDIGI S3 Pro is going on crowdfunding on Indiegogo, support now to save 30%,

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Comment (33)

    1. I got mine today but I asked for DHL delivery. My umidigi phone PRO went missing in Australia Post.So I waited for one month since I purchased from AliExpress
      I alsoI purchased all the accessories for it… Like the 2 X wireless chargers . Which are absolete as the F1 doesn’t have wireless. Still in very happy with the phone

  1. Wish all these smartphone manufacturers would do a credit facility….monthly payments….I am pretty sure you would gain more customers

    1. +TOMAS SANCHEZ JIMENEZ in the days of today when money is tight I am sure alot of people would appreciate spreading the cost,like everyday Joe that buys a S9 on a contract,you can’t buy these incredible low priced phones with a contract….

  2. it has been 2 MONTHS since i ordered Umidigi F1 and i DID’NT receive it yet , release a new phone after you deliver “the first new one ” first 😏😏😏😏😏

  3. Ну вы творите что то с чем то, быстро! Может и догоните хуавей такими темпами? Хожу уже с вашим юми s2 полтора года и все норм)

  4. Hello, friends from UMIDIGI !
    I’ve waited for this phone for months and finally there is a new information and pre-order! Thank you so much!

    But I have some questions that there is no answers for now:
    1) Can S3 Pro record video at 4K 90 fps? I read about Sony IMX586 – and it should record videos at least at 4K!
    2) Has it a wireless charging? I thought this phone is built in ceramic design in order to have this feature!
    3) Has it any gorilla glass on the front?
    4) Can you give me a garantee that if I buy it now from indiegogo, you will send me a phone in March? I stiil waiting for F1 to come (it was already send) and I’m so happy that I can make a review about it!

  5. Umidigi, this time you have overcome all expectations, this device is very incredible, the camera is daring, with the combination of the design, it is perfect, anyway I would love to receive, to win one of these to do the Review here in Brazil through my YouTube channel.


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