UMIDIGI A5 Pro Unbox & Review (Huge Brand Sale on May 21st and May 22nd)

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Global Version UMIDIGI A5 PRO Android 9.0 Octa Cor... US $95.37 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
Global Version UMIDIGI A5 PRO Android 9.0 Octa Cor... US $149.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
Global Version UMIDIGI A5 PRO Android 9.0 Octa Cor... US $149.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
UMIDIGI A5 PRO Smartphone 6.3'' Android 9.0 Helio ... US $149.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
UMIDIGI A5 PRO Android 9.0 Global Bands 16MP Tripl... US $153.83 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now

Buy your A5 Pro on AliExpress here:
Brand Festival on AliExpress (May 21st &22nd):
Snap coupons for the A5 Pro and more on top:

UMIDIGI S3 Pro (48MP Sony IMX 586, 5150mAh, Helio P70) – $ 259.99 (old price $ 399.99):
UMIDIGI F1 Play (48MP Samsung GM1, 51510mAh, Helio P60) – $ 189.99 (old price $ 249.99):
UMIDIGI F1 (Helio P60, 5150mAh, NFC) – $ 169.99 (old price $ 249.99):
UMIDIGI A3 Pro (Triple slot, 3GB + 32GB) – $ 79.99 (old price $ 139.99):
UMIDIGI A3 (Triple slot, 12MP + 5MP) – $ 59.99 (old price $ 99.99):

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Comment (23)

  1. ha ha, a phone company doing their OWN reviews..
    don’t worry I’m not insulting them, I even own an Umidigi myself 🙂

  2. I would love to have a Umidigi phone But i have money to buy im always wathing unboxing and reviews Just to make me happy and Always imagening i have umidigi phone especially The UMIDIGI F1 like the specs of f1 hope someday i will pick and win in Giveaway so that my Dreams Come true A5 pro is also a Good phone nice Review sir👍😎

  3. i wish to buy 2 phones . from aliexpress but sadness problem is i cant buy it from it cause my shipping company dont allow any thing with battery from china .
    but . i really wish for you the best good luck
    and i wish you can open a market or stores in egypt.

  4. Looks quite good for the price, but gotta have camera samples. Photo and video for both cameras, please.

  5. UMIDIGI’s smartphone is really amazing.
    It’s cheaper than the price specs but it’s not cheap and it’s SIM-free Good

  6. why did they make this phone micro usb instead of type C?? don’t the other Umidigi phones all have type C?


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