Ulefone Armor 7 Review – IP68 Helio P90 8GB Rugged Phone

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So this is one of those chunky, phones that are drop resistant, waterproofing, very durable and that's, where it gets the name from a course armor. So this is actually offering quite a lot from this type of phone. When you take a look at the specs, it's got the hell. Yo p90 it's got eight gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of storage expandable with microSD support. Dual SIM support. It'S got global bands, basically well, almost all the bounds out there, so LTE band 20 is there NFC and wireless charging that you don't normally see on these phones as well. So this is what you'll find in the box. We do get a tempered screen Glass protector, which is really good. Now the phone itself does come with a pre applied standard plastic screen protector. We get a type C to USB adapter there's, also a type C to micro, USB adapter. Then they've got an adapter there for Type C to 3.5 millimeter, so there's, no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Here now our charger is 15 watts. It will charge the phone in close to three hours and if you're, using wireless charging, then it's even slower, that's gon na be about three hours and 40 minutes also to fully charge the five thousand five hundred million power battery in here you get a warranty card And some other leaflets and information on to the build of the phone first, so we've got a very chunky, build it's heavy, its 292 grams.

So you can see why they call it that armor it's made out of plastic rubber and metals on the back here. This is plastic for the NFC and the wireless charging, which is 10 watts it's good – to have this so you've got 5 LED flashes in here, but only one is used for video and the other four they're just for photography. So one of these cameras here I believe it is the 16 megapixel one – is dedicated to low light photography and then we've got another one 8 megapixels just for the portrait shots for your stitching and it grabs the background. So 48 megapixels is the main one and not particularly good you'll, see some samples later on. It definitely needs some optimization it's, not bad hardware, it's, just the software side of things. So on the sides we have metal side, fingerprint reader, which does often trigger missed, touches. Accidental touches, I should say here and you'll, see the unlocking speed right now: okay, it's telling me too many attempts. They'Ve just got the face, unlocking so do this again. You'Ve got to tap it on put my thumb here: unlocks okay we'll! Do it one more, not particularly quick, as you can see so face unlocking we'll, do that now? No right that took about two seconds so that's again, not quick! Now you can see our side bezels top bezels, not particularly slim there. They are big. This is a big phone it's, a heavy phone six point three inches.

The screen resolution is 23, 40 by 1080 P, so that's full HD, plus teardrop notch camera is 16 megapixels. Earpiece is just here. There is a status LED in there that does support three different colors it's, really just useful when you're charging with this one here so down the bottom there's, a type C port does not support the video out. You wouldn't expect that either for this type of phone here's our mic – this is all rubber and we've got this easy button. They call it that you can assign to do different things like I use it to launch the camera. If I just hold it down here's our SIM tray that does have a gasket around it supports two nano Sims or micro SD card in nano SIM, and you can see if we've got Torx screws screwing this in place just to make it look very solid and At the top, it states ip68 that's, its water rating resistance rating it's got their IR, transmit it and, I believe, an ambient light sensors. Also in there now these buttons on the side here so going up and down in power. They are made out of metal. This one has a little bit of a rattle to it probably hear that it's a little loose there, which is, is not great. So the display is six point. Three inches full HD, plus IPS and it's got a bit of a bluish tint to it that you will see when you're looking at say something that's white it's, not a neutral white it's, not a warm white, definitely cool white, but you cannot tweak it there's.

No actual settings that we can change for white balance, which is annoying, but when you take a look at real world images that showing you right now that it's actually not a bad. I P s panel, the maximum brightness is 550 nits, which is good and I'll. Just show you having a look now at, for example, in the settings you can see. We do have a little bit of shadowing around the knotch and the corners here so that's that black that's leaking in a little bit, as you can see all in all an okay panel. I just wish we had an adjustment there for the white balance. So on till now our benchmarks are the ROM and it's performance, so this room does perform pretty good I'm. Not seeing any stutterer lags, animation lags multitasking, so you can go back into apps and it's still there without reloading, even after, like 30 minutes or so so. That'S good for people out there who like to swap back and forth it's task manager, is not killing off apps too early and, like other manufacturers like, for example, Xiaomi with me, UI or real me, they kill things off a little bit faster. But not these guys. Here so you can swap through this, and you expect pretty good performance from the calliope e90 and we've got really no bloatware with this particular phone too. When you get it, so I find the wrong performance as decent, it's good, but there's, not a huge amount of customization they've got like a full screen gestures on there, but it's very strange because when you swipe from the sides it doesn't go back it's, not your Typical setup there, no global dark mode sitting here as well with this it's running Android 9, and you get probably just Google block, really is what you get when you first get the phone now free storage on first boot, you're, looking at approximately around 119 gigabytes or So, which is good but you've got micro, sd, can't support as well and here's the entry to score, so just over two hundred thousand seems right for the huh leo p90.

This is n22 version 8. By the way, so the scores have changed and here's the internal storage, so it's not super quick. This is emmc 5 spec overall, not too bad. The random reads is quite quite good. There so really it's not going to be bottlenecking, this particular phone, so we don't have Widevine level 1 support. Now I expected this a lot of Chinese manufacturers. Just don't bother at all getting a level one suit, which means this jargon: you're not going to get Netflix or Amazon. Prime video in Full HD it's, just all going to be standard definition. Camera to API support is full level. Three would be ideal, but with fall. That'S still quite good, we should be able to get some working, hopefully and gkm ports to improve our camera performance, because the software optimization is you see later on and my camera review isn't brilliant. So this is one thing that really shines here. Surprised me: GPS performance. You get an accuracy of one meter or two meters. This is amazing, really because flagship phones only get three to four meters. It'S done some definite tweaks there. This is just one of my tests here with the 4G speeds. As expected, range reception is good, so, with a battery life, I've been testing it now over about three to four days and it's, actually very good. This was more of normal kind of use here from me, and I got you can see: it's 64 seven hours and I ended up worth close to 17 hours, but I was using YouTube a lot and this is mostly on wireless, so I wouldn't call this real Kind of normal use – this is just continual years testing how long the battery will go for, but it's an excellent result.

This is more realistic. Use is one of my standard days, but I didn't actually make any phone calls with it. That day, I did the other day so 10 hours and it still had 25 left you're. Looking, I would say, an estimated 12 hours, continual standard kind of years, so that's 2 days for most people, medium use. Heavy users would make a definite day. Even if you're gaming a lot, it will just go and go very good battery life. So the wireless speeds it's gon na top out about 300 megabits per second, which seems right for this particular type of phone and over the other side of the studio and another speed test exact same server. It does drop down the speed, but very good signal, strength and the speeds if they get over 100 I'm happy – and this is close to 200 meters per second, so that's, an excellent result better than even some flagship phones that I've tested. This is a 4G speed test again and really good there. So overall I'm happy with the rom. It doesn't really have much blow it's a stock Android nine experience don't ever expect it to get Android ten. However, normally these manufacturers will not push out a major Android version. No it'll just push out bug fixes if they have to. There is an update system on here. So that brings me on to audio so this being really marketed as an outdoor phone for tradesmen.

Are the ringtones coming through really loud and clear and your messages? Yes, definitely that is really quite loud. You can still hear it when it's in your pocket, but of course, if you're using a chainsaw you've got earmuffs on you're not going to hear it, then not, but three point: five millimeter headphone quality when you use the adapter is okay types of headphones: fine, Bluetooth, Audio as well no disconnects or any weird issues using Bluetooth, the range seems pretty good to me. I can walk right over to the other side of the studio here and still connected up to any of my Bluetooth tech that I've been using and testing so let's. Give you just a sample, so you can get an idea of what this loudspeaker sounds like Applause Applause, so you can hear from that it's, not amazing it's, not the best loudspeaker I've heard, but I think the loudness is adequate and onto our gaming performance. So this is no Snapdragon 855 plus I mean you'd expect their performance to be well, not really they're, good it's. Actually, okay, just use medium settings for most games unless it's a game, that's quite old, then it's going to run it fine, but every game that's. On the Android, store and market will run perfectly fine, but you will see the occasional little stutter in depth, as you can see, even just scrolling around here. So I'll show you a little bit more gameplay before we move on to our cameras.

So, even though this is just medium settings, it still looks very good and you're able to move around get kills look down the sights without any noticeable huge stutters or lags now occasionally, if there's a lot going on, you will see a little bit of a frame Dip now you can continually gain for about seven hours because of this phone's huge 5500 million power battery, so that's one positive. The weaker chip does actually help out here in aiding and battery life for gameplay. So the cameras here are the definite weakness as you'll see from my sample shortly, but I just wanted to quickly show you what we've got so you've got the portrait modes here, ai, which I wouldn't use video it's, all very straightforward, here's to swap over the front Facing camera beauty mode, if you want that, the pro mode does give you just the white balance, ISO and exposure settings not really a lot here from this Music Music Music. This is a sample of video in 4k and you can see that does not have any electronic image stabilization. So not really usable footage here, which is a shame. The focus tends to work. Okay, audio quality is not great either and the 4k. When you look at the bitrate and this, the quality you're getting here, it's an executive fest – and this is our front facing camera. So we've only got 1080p here and again there is no electronic image stabilization, so this phone is really not great.

When it comes to cameras, you wouldn't buy it for the camera performance, so most people will be buying this because it is a chunky. Phone that's going to handle drops is waterproof as long as you've got the SIM card pushed in properly and not loose you're not going to have any issues there with it. So those are the things that's got going for it, that that's, probably why you'd be buying a phone like this. You have to remember that, because of the extra really housing that this has got around it and the larger battery, and just how solid and chunky this really is it's. A very solid, well made phone that it is heavy. As you saw and it's a bit thicker than most, it takes up a route of bit of room there in your pocket now there's a few areas as well that aren't that great that can be improved upon, hopefully, with software updates from your phone, the fingerprint reader. I find is it quite hit and miss now you have to tap the phone to wake at the impress it and a lot of times. It will say too many attempts that it's being blocked and that's, because you're accidentally touching it and even I've added the same thumb twice there and it's. Just not amazing. I really wish they had an end screen one if they could have done that or on the rear. I think a rear fingerprint reader probably would have been a bit better, but maybe they didn't include it, so it doesn't get damaged.

So battery life is very good. On this, a five thousand five hundred million hour, you kind of expect that so we're getting somewhere around at least two days use for most people, maybe even three. Now, if you're very demanding you gaming the whole time, it will still go for a really long time. Now I just did straight YouTube videos streaming and I managed to get 15 or so hours. Out of this, which is really really good continue on screen time, most phones will top out about 10 hours. Maybe eleven were the four thousand million power battery, so it's got the wireless charging on here as well. Nfc it's got all your global bands, which is really good, it's missing a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Sadly, but it does still retain FM radio. Most manufacturers will drop that and then you can play your latest games out there. So really it boils down to. Why do you want in a phone? You want a durable phone. I think this one offers it does. When you look at this big sheet, it really does offer a lot it's. Just the cameras is the big area of letdown there for me and the fingerprint readers not wonderful face unlocking does, however, work but it's still not the fastest. So, thank you so much for watching the review here of the ARMA 7. I hope to catch you back in the channel.

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  1. Rugged phones are getting quite interesting..
    Is Ulefone the only one making them i cant seem to find other companies that actually bother doing it?

    1. Nah quite a few companies do these rugged phones, though ulefone and blackview are the two top dogs I’d say in terms of quality

    2. You guys never heard of the CAT rugged phones? I mean it’s the same brand that is making bulldozers and some other heavy-duty vehicles so they are also making phones that can withstand those rough environments. They are the most popular brand here in the Eastern Europe and also I have seen some Doogee phones that are also rugged.

  2. And for those asking why didn’t I throw it in the sea, a river, a blender or down some stairs? Simple, I don’t believe in scratching, denting and damaging a perfectly fine phone. You’re welcome to get your own and throw it against a wall to see if it’s really durable 😂


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