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Головна Офіційні відео Impressive-MSI Gaming Exquisite Craft – Gearbest.com

Impressive-MSI Gaming Exquisite Craft – Gearbest.com

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Продукт веб-посилання( придбання перелічені нижче):.
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Vkword Mix.
University Equipment:.
RC іграшки.
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Beelink S1 Mini Personal Computer.

Main Features:.
Can easily handle your tools with vocal control.
Along with Type-C port.
Intel N3450 quad-core Central Processing Unit, up to 2.2 ГГц.
Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Easy coupling with most Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.
Could hold a very large quantity from data.
Reduced power usage.
Support cordless keyboard and also mouse.
Optionally available 4G or even 8G DDR3 RAM.
With the Windows 10 system software, your surfing knowledge is actually extremely smooth, and you do not need to always keep rebooting at all times.
Support twin band WiFi of 2.4 G and 5G.
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