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Головна RC іграшки Eachine Wizard X220S Upgraded FPV Racer Drone Flight Test Review

Eachine Wizard X220S Upgraded FPV Racer Drone Flight Test Review

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This modification to the Wizard X220 includes lots of upgrades including improved FCB, ESC's, камери, FPV transmitter, FOUR battery, and props. Discover that right here

Lots of enhancements have actually been actually included over the initial X220 Wizard. Details feature:
Omnibus F4SD air travel management panel with Betaflight 3.1.7
– 2206/2300 KV motors.
– 30 Amp 4in1 Dshot 600 ESC's.
Higher settlement 800 TVL FPV cam.
– 72 network 25/200/600mW FPV transmitter.
FPV on display screen display (OSD).
FOUR 14.8 V 1500mah electric battery.
Pagoda II highly omni-directional FPV transmitter aerial.
– 5501 higher pitch tri-blade props (features 5 total sets).

Some increasing discomforts along with the early release. Most of the complying with are actually minor issues, however perhaps they could be repaired for future production runs.
Ready to pilot model includes Flysky duplicate transmitter. You will certainly need to configure the transmitter to set aux shifts off the switching handles to actual buttons, aloong along with establishing failsafe control.
Arms are actually fiberglass/composite. Some have stated them breaking in an accident or hard landing. Banggood is apparently sending substitute complex arms to improve this problem.
All the electric motor accessory screws on my quadcopter hung. Be sure to check and tighten all screws just before your initial tour.
Camera managements are all concealed under the electric battery straps. Inconceivable to gain access to without removing the strap or top board from the quadcopter.
Video camera was way out from concentration away from package. Yet its own conveniently concentrated through merely turning the lens after loosening up the external padlock ring. Perform such while using your goggles to check the concentration.
VBAT is off by default in Betaflight. You'll should transform that on if you wish OSD current show.
Provided wrenches are certainly not the appropriate dimension for the prop hair almonds.
Micro USB port is "concealed" along with a rubber defense cover. Seek this simply to the right from the microSD card slot.

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This video recording along with every video recording of the Quadcopter 101 stations was created as well as revised with VSDC Free Video recording Editor. You could download this outstanding, and also no joking "cost-free" online video editor listed below.

" Awel" by stefsax.

is authorizeded under an Artistic Commons license:.

popular music was reduced to match length from video recording.

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    1. +Badger if you are asking how to change the camera , may i suggest that you visit (Grayson Hobby) there you will find a great video on changing out this camera for a much better one

    2. +Badger she is nice but you should check out other videos on this one , it seems to have a few problems but it is still a great drone if you can do the work to make it right . I myself have the Wizard X220 , which is also a great drone .

    3. Agreed, this is a great drone. It’s very fun to fly. But currently you’ll need to do a bit oftweakingto make it such (most of these tweaks should have been done at the factory before it left for sale). The needed tweaks are listed in the above video description underCons”.

    1. Так, as long as it has the same connector. Also check its dimensions so that it would fit. 30C and 35C is its maximum discharge rate. 30C and 35C is a good discharge rates. But its not important for a global mini drone.

  1. New to FPV racing quads. Just got a 250 FPV racer used off of eBay with a GoolRC controller. Really like you doing a review on this racer. My racer has a KK2.1.5 mini FC board and SimonK 12A ESC’s with AKASO D2204 – 2300kv brushless motors. I just order FPV transmitter and camera to install. It is quite different than flying a SYMA or a PROMARK quad!!! I just ordered Eachine EV800 goggles as well. Thanks for sharing your videos! Juddie

  2. As reviewed I wouldn’t even consider buying one of these. Too many problems out of the box.
    As you say it will and is being improved and the seller (as flagged in the now broken link) has a warning about the motor screws. It has possibilities but I’d wait for a review of the improved versions. Just my view as a complete tyro

  3. Unfortunately, it seems to be more common these days to receive one of these racers with the camera out of adjustment. I had an Eachine QX95 with an out of focus cam, as well as a KingKong90GT. As you say, its easy to fix, but its even easier for the manufacturer to take the time to check to see if its IN focus before leaving the plant. The video seemed much better with the regular RHCP antenna on it vs. the Pagoda .. which was giving a lot of dropouts. Maybe it was defective? Unusual for the craft to just drop out of the sky like that, unless it was a de-sync problem with the FC board (perhaps pushing the frequency on the CPU too hard .. check to see what the CPU load is in Betaflight .. if its over 25-30%, that could be a problem. I try to run mine at 15% load or less. As for the lines in the FPV video, that looked like noise on the DC power line to the camera .. not enough filtering. Some guys have fixed that kind of problem by installing one of those cheap/small Puolu DC-DC converters somewhere on the craft, and powering the camera with it, since it produces nice clean power. Well, at least you didn’t hit your car when it dove in (or anyone else) .. that’s a plus. Thanks for the review. Cheers.

  4. Wow, that’s really shabby!
    #Eachine, sort your QC out!
    A crappy pagoda antenna, loose motor screws, a signal drop and out of focus camera.
    If you lose a motor and hit someone, it’s going to be not good at all.


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