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Turn Your Phone Into A Touchscreen PC – Vinpok Split Review

Super slim bezel 15.6" portable touchscreen monitor for Samsung DeX, Huawei desktop mode, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC or as laptop second screen. Where to buy:

Mini HDMI input, Type-C input with charge passthrough
Type-C PD 2.0 input for powering the screen

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Comment (36)

  1. great review as always, this is very interesting idea, I have been looking for an external monitor for a while, it would have been great to have a built in battery but I guess that would have made it heavier . perfect second monitor for my laptop . even when travelling. cheers.

    1. That’s the problem with new tech it’s always over priced. But!!! This is not new this is old. I have a screen that does all of this an its almost 10 years old.

    2. You can buy a 15.6″ IPS touchscreen laptop or tablet for $199? I don’t think you can.
      Would make a great car screen. It’s the same size as the model 3’s screen.

    3. gavjlewis I’ve seen videos on here of model s/3 drivers being stopped by cops who mistook the panel for a TV screen. So using this in the car would probably land you in trouble lol

  2. I wonder if there is some adaptive brightness going on in the reason that you’re not getting even close to what they have advertised. Maybe a setting or windows itself.

    1. I tried everything to get it, PC, Samsung DEX, using different power supplies. Nothing changed it, not sure why. Faulty panel maybe?

  3. Hey chris! I noticed when you were in the menu that the eco mode was set to standard I’d assume if you turn it off you would get its full brightness, Thanks for the great review.

    1. Oh really something I missed, I never changed this so it’s on eco by default for some reason. I will test it today when I’m in the studio and see if that helps boost it past 160 lux.

  4. Wait no battery? Why not make a 1080 OLED/amoled panel or the most efficent 1080p panel and place one large thin battery across the whole back, and a second one to make a kickstand curve or handle like in Lenovo’s tab series

  5. This is just an OEM product. You can find these under so many different brands on AliExpress. The reason it does not reach it’s claimed specs is because these are all reused laptop screens. You can make this yourself with a spare screen just get a controller board and your done.

  6. MSRP 399$!? It seemed great until I saw that price, which you forgot to mention. Even discounted at 199 is steep. For 399 I’d rather buy a slim laptop with mediocre specs if I need something on-the-go. No cables or accessories needed. Hope to see more of these screens in the future, at the 100$ range. There’s already tablets at that pricerange and lightweight laptops at 200$.


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