Tranya T3 Review – Loud & Bassy TWS Earbuds

Tranya T3 review. TWS earphones with better bass and loudness than the Puma Slide. Where to get them: (US)


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Comment (25)

  1. Unfortunately neither Amazon UK, or US, ship to NZ – that’s just the way it is more often than not. Thanks for another great review ! Cheer’s ???

    1. They are still okay just these are louder and have more bass. But the just up the bass on the pamus it’s then good

  2. no APTX???
    I remember testing some Samsung ones out and comparing them to my own, especially regarding the waaay higher capability in terms on sound quality. Android supports flac files since years now.
    This was in 2012!!!!
    For voice ok, for music nogo.

  3. Will you review Sabbat E12??? All of tech reviewer on youtube, you are my best to trust !!! Keep up the great work !!!

  4. Chris, can you please consider reviewing Creative Outlier Air TWS headphones?
    Their price/performance value is just great, but some people say that they have Bluetooth connectivity issues with these headphones so I’d really like to know your opinion and test results. You’re about as honest as possible in your reviews—which is a rare thing today.

  5. out of sync?… thats like super important?
    I dont care about the extra stuff, if the sound output is not right they are useless as headphones then, eveything else doesnt matter.


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