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  1. Bit more of a serious video this time around, but I hope you guys found it useful!
    If we can hit 2,500 Likes that would make my day! 😘

    1. Mrwhosetheboss Go and sleep for sometime than come and watch likes on your videos probably it will cross 2500 likes 🔥

    2. Aruba thanks for uploading this video and I got so many useful in this video and I study new new technology of Android smartphone in this video and your the best YouTube channel and your my YouTube GOD😀

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    1. T3RRA 2.0 i respect everyone im just saying that it doesnt care to me where you’re from i only care about what kind of persoon you are.

    1. Shahzad Hassan you are wrong im from 2025 and he has 15m subs and his main phone is samsung s14 ._.

    1. Apple products are generally safer on that matter. Jailbreaking is less popular than rooting Android devices, plus they get automatically encrypted. The only relevant measures you should take (keeping a secure locking password/pattern [duh] and making it non-visible or if that’s the case, using the fingerprint locking method) can be aplied to both operating systems.

    2. Andre Fontes Same with android. It encrypts your stuff to depending on what method of rooting.
      Same with jailbreaking.

    1. you do realize that these aren’t the only phone’s in the world right. you would actually save a little money not buying those two as they’re the 2 most expensive smartphones

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  4. You’ve forgotten about encrypting your device and SD card (if your phone has one; that’s very, very important). You might have all the security measures you possibly can on your phone, but simply removing the SD card and connecting it to another device and an intruder can access all your photos and other files without an issue. It’s absolutely a must to take this procedure.


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