Ana sayfa Akıllı telefonlar Tianqu XS809HW – İle DJI indeks işlem Mavic Pro Knock-off için sadece $50!

Tianqu XS809HW – İle DJI indeks işlem Mavic Pro Knock-off için sadece $50!

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Kayıt için daha fazla tatmin! Bu Dron'u kesinlikle mükemmel olursa olsun değil, Henüz bu aslında $FIFTY paralar için inceledik basit hem de çok en istikrarlı dron biri olmuştur! Bu kesinlikle Mavic Pro için benzer ve aynı zamanda oldukça mobil bunu kazanmak için katlanır kol sahip. Enjoy the entire video for more information!

Link to purchase:

Başlıca özellikleri:
● Foldable style, 17.5 x 13 x 6cm when that is folded, roughly the exact same dimension of a container of water
● WiFi FPV, 0.3 MP cam You can use your phone to aviator the drone and handle the sound of the electronic camera.
● Sky Press Elevation Keep enables XS809W to keep strongly at a specific elevation, promoting hassle-free gos
● The G-sensor Setting allows the quadcopter to comply with the method which you relocate your smartphone
● Headless Setting permits the drone to soar inning accordance with the activity from joysticks even with its own positioning
● One Trick Gain makes it simple and easy to remember the quadcopter whenever you prefer
● Remarkable 3D feat. This can roll constantly airborne towards other directions
● Velocity Shift. Reduced/ channel/ high speed for players in different amounts
● Outfitted along with 6-axis gyroscope, it can standing up to the wind as well as zooming outdoors

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  1. Thanks for the item review 😀
    I’m going to get this because it’s really freakin cheap.

    Ayrıca, still waiting for my Oukitel phone giveaway xD

  2. I was really hoping for an actual clone with similar features/capabilities to the Mavic. Unfortunately this is just a toy lookalike. Thorough review as always bro

  3. Technically, this is a knock off, not a clone. A clone is when it is so similar you can’t tell the difference.

  4. You should change the title because since you posted the link of the product, you shouldn’t say clone but instead lookalike since your channel gets strikes for these reasons.

  5. just a suggestion but you could sellotape a smartphone underneath it to get better video quality if you own more than one smartphone


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