Ana sayfa Akıllı saatler No.1 F2 dijital Smartwatch: Unboxing ve 1 göz

No.1 F2 dijital Smartwatch: Unboxing ve 1 göz

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Hayır. 1 F2 Bağlantı alınıyor: İndirim kupon kodu: SWMTF2 oranı :$ 20.02.
Bu görünüm için bonservis Gearbest temin etti. YouTube internet sitesinde popüler de Gearbest olarak yardımları için yapmak için izleyicilerimize teşekkürler. Bu F2 smartwatch kazanmakta ilgi varsa, satisfy make use of the hyperlink noted above. It is going to aid our company obtain even more sees to evaluate for you later on. Çok teşekkürler!

Nostalgia opportunity! I adored my watches. It was actually thus fun to find all of them advance from essential time and also stopwatch functionalities to guitars that could establish various alarms, display other opportunity regions, and even carry out repetitiving countdown timing for traits like "non-active pointers"certainly not also a concept at that time.

Well a hope to the future never ever divulged there would be a time when a watch could also secure to a smart device using something contacted Bluetooth (where performed that silly term come from anyway?). Effectively that time is actually below. Together with a watch with temp, barometric pressure, height improvement estimation, measures strolled, calories shed and range took a trip, ile birlikte, naturally, constantly promptly show. Welcome to the F2.

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    1. Hahaha! I wish! Android? Hayır, not even close. It’s running a basic digital watch OS with some tethering enhancements and a Bluetooth network installed. No Android here. it’s like a fish crawling out on land for the first time. This watch is the first digital ‘fishto crawl out and radiate a signal to a phone (like breathing air, in the fish example). It’s still a fish with a crude ‘lungattached. A piece of evolution. An ancient ancestor we passed over on our way to WiFi/Cellular/GPS/NFC/and, of course, Bluetooth…..

  1. I had a James Bond watch when i was 8 içinde 1984 that played the theme tune ,At school lunch time I set it of and a noisy room full of about 150 children suddenly went quiet and I got stares of the teachers,Now that’s what I call a smart watch.

  2. Hey! The battery stuff might be true! A single CR2450 button battery could go up to 650 mAh, but only as high as 3 V… Yine de, the watch looks cool! It looks like anomnitrix😀

  3. I want to say this watch is huge, it’s really something else. Thank you for all your videos I’ve watched many of them and spent many hours trying to figure out what my next smartwatch will be. I have looked through your set of videos on your playlists. I like Square Face watches but I don’t need a stand-alone watch with a SIM card I need it to have bluetooth tethering and the Play Store. I just want to be able to make calls and write/send text messages. No other special kind of tethering just simple phone calls and text. I’m thinking of purchasing the No.1 D6

    Can you think of a square face smartwatch that you have reviewed that has bluetooth tethering capability and the Play Store???

  4. Bay. Ticks, thanks for the video. It’s always so cool to see High Techy Techy with great Retro Retro. Here in Texas we would call that a Texas Belt Buckle! and that would put some Belt buckles to shame. Again thanks.

    1. Oh you’ve gotta do that Fernando. You’ve got to velcro this thing to a shiny silver belt buckle and wear the belt around town. Folks would be embarrassed to look down, but they’d discover what time it is if they do!

    1. I sure do. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? I’m looking for a YouTube cold filter to make me sound normal. They have all these video enhances, they should have something for a cold. In my next video I’m working on right now I even sound worse. I apologize right up front ’cause it’s so obvious. I’m applying the tried-and-truewear two watches and call me in the morningtrick to recovery. 😉

    1. That’s another Apple look alike watch. What makes it so special from the 4 veya 5 we’ve already reviewed?

  5. Merhaba, thanks for the review. Can you please let me know if it can show SMS text, Caller Name and App notification text. Teşekkür peşin.

    1. Hayır. Absolutely not. See the row of teeny tiny icons at the top? They just blink when something happens.


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