Ana sayfa RC oyuncaklar Nf_la 110GT mikro FPV drone uçuş Test inceleme yarış

Nf_la 110GT mikro FPV drone uçuş Test inceleme yarış

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This 117mm mini racer is a powerful and punchy flier, with excellent FPV video. Tuned effectively straight out of package, minimal arrangement is must obtain it airborne for fun soaring. Discover that here

Merely an extremely punchy and enjoyable small FPV flier. PID's appear tuned perfectly out of the box. One of the better ones that I've taken flight. It is actually a QC101 caretaker;–RRB-.
Available in PNP, and also BNF Frsky, Flysky, DSM, and also Futaba.
SPRF3 FCB packed along with Betaflight 3.0.1.
– 4in1 BLHeli 10A ESC's blended with 35C FEW 350mah battery supplies lots of stable power to the 1105 8500KV motors.
– 800TVL video camera 16Ch 25mW transmitter offers exceptional as well as sharp FPV video.

No beeper or even OSD. You'll must time your trips to land just before reducing your electric battery.

Affiliate links: At no charge to you, I carry out acquire a little payment up for sale resulting from these links.

This online video alongside every video clip of the Quadcopter 101 network was actually generated as well as edited along with VSDC Free Online video Publisher. You may install this great, and no joking "totally free" video publisher listed below.

" Awel" through stefsax.

is authorizeded under an Artistic Commons certificate:.

music was shortened to fit size from video clip.

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  1. why did it take so long for people to review this quad(or any other kingkong product) ?
    is it because they didnt gott it for free in the beginning ?

    1. I just did a YouTube search. There are many reviews of this. They seemed to like it also. Just wished it had a beeper.

    1. They are freecourtesydrones, provided with the understanding that I will produce a review video for each drone. But I don’t keep them (don’t have the storage space), nor do I sell them or do giveaways (don’t have the time or want the hassle). After their reviews are completed, they are donated monthly en masse to local schools and charities (Toys for Tots and local schools Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) clubs).

    2. And your probably wondering, how I did it? I started my channel by producing tutorials and reviews of quadcopters that I had already purchased. I had a total of six small toy grade quadcopters, but I did many videos with those six. With practice, I started to become proficient and prolific at producing these videos. After about a year and 100 Videolar (ve 1000 subscribers), I started to receive my first offers of free sample quadcopters for review purposes. And here is a sorted listing of my first videos

  2. Not sure you can add a beeper/buzzer easily on that .. the KingKong90GT I had, had no provisions for adding such, as a regular F3 FC would. An OSD would be nice, but that’s not on this model. I had so many problems with my KK90GT that I wound up replacing the camera, VTX, FC, ESC/PDB and motors .. basically everything on the quad. Now I’m waiting for some soft mounts for the motors to hopefully take care of the drift it has in Angle/Horizon modes. BTW, 4 içinde 1 ESCs are not all on one chip as you said, but rather all on one board (with separate chips for each motor). Seems to be quite a few racers coming out in this bigger form factor, from 117mm to 130mm, with motors from 1104 7500kv to 1105 8000kv .. lots of good stuff out there. İnceleme için teşekkürler.


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