Top Smartwatch Question #1: Can Watch Bands be Replaced?

There are certain questions that are asked over and over in the comment section of these videos. This miniseries will be an attempt to answer the top questions in the way that satisfies each viewers concern.

If you are viewing this video by following a link you were given as a response to a question you have asked, then hopefully today's video will provide you a meaningful answer.

OK, for those of you who absolutely have to change your unchangeable watch bands, watch this:

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  1. Hello! I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while. Are all these Smartwatches running full Android versions better or worse than the ones running Android Wear? And what are the more important differences?

    1. I think they are better. I don’t know Wear well enough to discuss differences. Probably watching some Wear reviews and these Android reviews will give you an idea.

    1. No, only 4.4 and 5.1 are supported, and you can’t update the 4.4 to 5.1 either. No.1 has said they will support 6.0 soon, but that hasn’t happened yet.

    1. FINOW Q1 or Q3 depending on whether you want round or square. Best price/value and you can install custom designer watch faces.

  2. The straps on the D5 is actually pretty atrocious LOL What’s the point of the nice body if the straps look like they cost $5. Amazing vids btw!

  3. i ever have a smartwatch like finnow.. when the band is broken..cut off.. it is mean.. you can use again..and what shoul i do? i make it as a new meddalion

  4. If the watch band on a DZ09 breaks, how can I replace the watch bands without damaging or removing the antenna? I was thinking of replacing it with a velcro strap for long term durability. Any thoughts on this brother?

    1. IF a watch has antennas in the bands you can’t replace them without breaking the watch. A few people have tried, and only the very technical experts have had success. Even then the watch doesn’t work as well as it did before the replacement.

  5. The antenna we are talking about: Is it the GSM antenna or both GSM and wifi antennas? I am asking because I am interested in LEM3 or LEM5 and I am not planning to use it with a sim card. I’ll just connect to wifi.

    Let’s say I somehow managed to damage the strap. Is it mechanically possible to change the strap and use the watch without gsm antenna? Or it is not possible to change the straps at all?

    1. I think you could take the strap off, and the antennas attach with a push on connector inside the watches, so if you don’t need any of them, you probably could change out the bands for bands with no antennas. There are three, but I’m not sure what they are. I think the GPS is inside the watch, so that would leave WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular.

  6. Loving the videos…. On the KW88 do you think I could add a metal band like I did on my Huawei last year! or can you recommend a watch that has a bezel like the KW88 / TAG that I can add my own metal band ! Thanks H

    1. Well, so far the JM01 is the only Android watch you can change bands. All the others have antennas in the bands. Thee are a couple of tethering watches out there that have bezels like the KW88 and you can replace the bands on them.

    2. SmartWatch Ticks Thanks I’ve looked through dozens of your reviews trying to find watches with the same type bezel as kw88 / tag / les1 / zgpax s99a but I’ve found none yet I can add a black metal band too, Huawei 2 might be my only way but the price is way out for me 🙁

  7. Any updates on this?
    I’m trying to find a good smartwatch that can allow me to replace bands, to work on the field (I work with trains) and is standalone android.

    Awwesome videos, btw!

    1. Check out the latest video on the IQI I4 Pro. Accidentally discovered the bands are replaceable! Also take a look at the ZoiyTop JM01 smartwatch.

  8. Hi

    I’m trying to find a good smartwatch that can allow me to replace bands, aswer whatsapp with voice msg and a minimun waterproof. Can u sugest somes?

  9. Removable Strap ia mandatory imho, we’d have casual, official and other occasion to wear the smartwatch. Hope they will upgrade soon😘


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