TOP 5 Best PUBG smartphones for gaming! Under $200 dollars Budget 2019

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  1. LENOVO Z6 Lite the BEST DEAL, flash sale promotion price $180!!!
    ➡️Buy Lenovo Z6 Lite $170 Gearbest-http://bit.ly/2K2Id9I
    ➡️Buy Lenovo Z6 Lite Banggood-http://bit.ly/3161tst

    ➡️Redmi Note 7 4GB RAM $159 Banggood-http://bit.ly/2uIQUNM
    ✅Discount Coupon- BG8RN64
    ➡️Redmi Note 7 Global $160 Gearbest-http://bit.ly/331iOVe
    ➡️Redmi Note 7 Global $135 Banggood-http://bit.ly/2ZDnaQI
    ✅Discount Coupon-BG8N77

    ➡️Buy Umidigi F1 Helio P60 Banggood-http://bit.ly/2GaY44n
    ➡️Buy Umidigi F1 Gearbest-http://bit.ly/2FYyeS5

    ➡️Buy Lenovo Z5S Snapdragon 710 Gearbest-http://bit.ly/31mKjqy

    ➡️Buy ZTE Blade V10 Helio P70 Gearbest-http://bit.ly/2YnfwNw

  2. My friend Mohammed , I hope you are doing great ! Hello from Greece , hope you visit soon ! The coupon for redmi 6a says is invalid .(I choose gold color, maybe that’s the problem)

    1. ➡️Xiaomi Redmi 6A 16GB $77 Banggood-https://goo.gl/2j4CuJ
      ✅Discount Coupon-BGRR6A216

      ✅Discount Coupon 32GB Price $87-BGRR6A32

      buy 32 gb version i left u link bro, use my discount code and link above, search for 32gb version

  3. pls can you do a comparison between Google pixel xl and Nokia x6? or can you tell me which one is better in both pls

  4. السلام عليكم
    ماذا عن لعبة فورتانيت هل يمكن تشغيلها على تلك الأجهزة وشكرآ

  5. There are 5 phones that I think you should consider reviewing. 1. ELEPHONE A6 Max 2. ELEPHONE U2 3. Ulefone Note 7P 4. Ulefone Power 6 5. OUKITEL Y4800


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