TOP 5 Best NAS Systems 2019 !

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Looking for the Best NAS Systems in 2019 ? We made a comparison between a few NAS Servers for every budget!
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Get the Network attached Storage Systems here:

Fritzbox 7490: *
Zyxel NAS236: *
Western Digital PR4100: *
Synology DS918+: *

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Comment (45)

  1. Great video and amazin explanation. Im going with the synology. was looking into it for a long time ! DS918+ all the way

  2. what do you recommend to bloggers with many pictuers ? need something for easy search and managment

  3. Muss allerdings zugeben, habs noch nicht wirklich verstanden, was das ist. Ist das eine Art persönliche Cloud oder wie? 😅

    1. ja genau benutze es als personal cloud damit ich nicht google space kaufen muss und habe auch offline mega schnellen zugriff. One click backup und benutzte es auch zum filme streamen im netz oder torrent 🙂

    1. @TechMagnet it’s a matter of raid formats that can run on 4 v.s 5 drives.. hence I need minimum of 5 regardless of what kind of drive you stick in it or how big they are.

  4. Well,have you become some sort of software engineer?! This is even too head scratching for me! Lol. alas, a top level game.👍🙂Well done.

    1. haha thats the point ! With the western digital my cloud you dont have to do anything. plugin, run software and you got your own cloud mate 🙂

    2. i simply dont trust google anymore. video about the truth about google coming soon. i downloaded 100gb of my personal data from their servers.

    3. @TechMagnet Good man! I have trust issues too, but have to stick to Google, you can’t blame me, Google ecosystem! I’ll definitely keep a beady eye on that video! Can’t wait for someone to come up with some solution.🤘

  5. How do i get a flagship fully spec’d nas device…. at at very very low budget price?.. thats my question?….👍

  6. What about Drobo? Never have to worry about drives crashing and everything is hot swappable and drive capacities don’t need to be the same.

  7. 😀 thx for the video, here on ebay the cheapest used nas are WD My Cloud systems, they must be popular here, thanks again for the explanation 😊 NAS can be useful for gamers, i you want to have a full copy of your game offline, for example all your games from GOG and Steam, also a folder of all your torrented pirated games, you need space because some games are really huge, easile between 15GB and 50GB each! 😱 Plus a folder of all your Saved Games so you dont lose your progression in a game 🙂

    1. wd my cloud is not too expensive and easy to use. but for more advanced things i would chose something else. haha well i stopped pirating games 😛

  8. i still feel like these things are ridiculously overpriced for what you are getting
    i mean you could get a SBC with way faster processor for like 1/3 the price and just connect a couple of drives to it
    the processors are weak and you would need to spend a fortune for good on the fly transcoding ,i have seen it suggested that you can just buy a an old mac mini and get better specs for about the same price or less than these synology and qnap NAS enclousres yeah you don’t get the enclosure but you bet a decent processor’SBC’s are evolving very rapidly while these NAS devices are kind of stagnating i terms of processors and they are charging you a lot of money for something with poor specs

    1. yea if its just about storing i think you are right. But still for multimedia and many apps the NAS interface is just super easy to use and trouble free. but yes you are totally right, it costs alot !

    2. @TechMagnet but do you think that with some of the SBC’s you cant get better transcoding performance for less money

  9. Hopefully Synology have sorted out the mess of the Intel C2538 scandal from 2017 onwards. I bought a DS415+ which is pretty much identical to the DS918+ and has been a fantastic product, except that mine did eventually refuse to boot in March which I had been fearing since 2017. I got my soldering iron out and performed the 100ohm resistor fix mentioned on the forums, and that luckily got it working again but no idea how long this will last. Before this model I had a DS-101j bought in Feb’ 2006 and that was bomb proof.

    1. its burning the resistor after some time ? Man that sounds crap 🙁 So far the d918+ a few months in operation not a single shutdown. but well who knows after longtime.

    2. @TechMagnet No the resister was not there when first manufactured. Synology were receiving a lot of units back for repair under guarantee last year, and buyers later opened them up and noticed Synology had soldered an additional resistor across two points on the motherboard. Not sure if the fix worked for everyone, but it has for me so far.

      The CPU is the issue here and had a known fault that would 100% kill it eventually, and Intel just went hush hush, until it all started to come out around the internet. It’s similiar to what happened in 2007/8 with the Nvidia Laptop GPU scandal.

    3. @EgoShredder so why did u do it on your own ? okay well if you have the skills its way faster. but after this mod they should give you new warranty.

    4. @TechMagnet After the huge amount of complaints online, Synology relented and added an extra year on the guarantee, giving 3 years in total. I had the chance to use this, but Synology send you back a unit that is not yours, just someone elses with the fix done. Also it might die again after the 3rd year, so I figured just fix my own, saving time and avoid affecting my business / sales without it.


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