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TOP 3 Amazon Alexa / Echo Gadgets 2017 !



  1. https://i.redditmedia.com/L76JRYT7JvITUhvRUB4vxGQq_rPVzoYActs6Q_LNlOQ.jpg?w=888&s=6c811ddd9ffcdd81abf30703ff008182

    You’re All Idiots
    by Karl Denninger

    Jesus, Bezos believes you’re a complete, ****ing idiot.

    Amazon has introduced a “new” Echo device. Having convinced a number of people to allow them to stick an always on speaker and microphone in their house with the data going to Amazon and whoever else they wish they have now upped the game with both a camera and screen.

    Gee, that’s real nice. A camera and microphone inexorably tied to and controlled by a big company in your house where it can and will transmit both audio and video under their, not your, control.

    If I see one of these in your house I know for a fact that you’re stupid — and I’m immediately leaving, never to return.


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