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Tian Sheng TS866 F6F Hellcat Stabilized RC Aircraft Flight Test Review

This inexpensive RTF three channel RC flying model of the F6F Hellcat includes aileron, elevator, and throttle control. Find it here https://goo.gl/HhrY8J

– Great looking model of the F6F Hellcat.
– Three channel control of throttle, elevator, and (unusual for a three channel) aileron control.
– Six channel stabilized. Very easy to fly by beginners. Should be a great indoor gym flier too.
– Ready to fly. Includes transmitter.
– Constructed of impact resistant foam.
– Uses widely available and cheap generic 3.7V 350mah battery.

– It's quite a bit underpowered for its design. It requires a lot of throttle to take to the air for level flight. This also causes relatively short flight times of under three minutes. Stunts are not advised as it just doesn't have the power to complete stunts without impacting the ground.
– Shipping box is cardboard with no protection foam inside. This large box can easily be crushed during shipment. My airplane was damaged in this manner, and required repair before I could do this video.

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Comment (21)

  1. Unusually, in spite of my known love for toy grade planes, this one really doesn’t seem a viable option. Too little power for the weight. Good review

  2. Are you originally from the UK?

    I only ask because at 10:06 you said, “plugging it up” rather than, “plugging it in” when referring to plugging the flight battery in. 🙂

    1. Couldn’t agree more with the BG packaging complaint, last two orders badly damaged, a gimbal bag and a quad half shell, so much hassle attempting to sort, as they were both sub £5 in value I conceded defeat, just as well I hadn’t ordered a high value item.

  3. Not only underpowered, but also looks to have the CG too far aft, as it’s kind of wallowing in flight. You might be able to solve both problems by getting a Syma X5 500mah sized battery that is LIHV .. which will give the motor a bit more pizzaz. As for the Packaging from “Bang-you-good”, that is very typical. I’ve often wondered if they employ 8 year olds in their shipping department. One time I ordered a bunch of “pieces parts” & tools from them .. perhaps a dozen individual items. So, how did they pack it? They got the clear shipping tape, and wrapped it around all the items to bind them together (so that you had to use an exacto knife to unbundle the entire mess), then threw it into one of their thinly padded plastic envelopes. Frankly, I was surprised anything survived. Its one of the reasons I don’t buy from them (or most of the other China retailers: GearWorst, TomBottom, GeekRobbers, etc.) any more. The way it flies, and the way its shipped, I don’t think it a ‘bargain’, even at $50. (YMMV). Lots of better flying aircraft out there. Cheers.

  4. thanks for posting. here are some things to consider. (repeat) the model has a cg issue. it is the result of two facts. the model has a Tail-Heavy dom; and the model has Not been correctly ‘balanced’, at 30 percent of chord. in order to establish a Correct cg and not increase auw, excessively, i suggest a few grams of ballast be used, near the nose of the model. the conditions make it impossible to Accurately evaluate the model’s power system. if desired, perhaps a similar battery with with a higher discharge rate could be ‘tried’. cheers googletranslate

    1. In the second flight I installed a heavier 600mah syma X5C battery in the nose. It barely left the ground with the added weight of that battery.


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