Three Fastest Android Smartwatches in the WORLD: AnTuTu Testing

CORRECTION: The FINOW Q1 is incorrectly referred to as the Q2. My head is running out of space to keep them all straight, especially since IQI now has a Q2 model which was reviewed here. Sorry for the confusion. It's the Q1 we benchmark here. 🙂

There are finally enough watches of every size, shape and version of Android out there to do some meaningful comparison testing, and that's what you get here. Eleven different Android smartwatches are compared for their AnTuTu score. You'll see how they fall into three different brackets and why.

This one's short by my standards, so have a look. It won't bog you down for an hour. 🙂

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  1. Great video, really impressive idea! Give a very useful indication before getting more into details, love it. Thank you for sharing the best again and again 👆👍

  2. You are awesome smartwatch ticks!!!! Benchmarking is a great help when deciding my next smartwatch purchase, you’re the best!!! Great job!!!

    1. Thanks! Glad you appreciate this. It took a long time to set up on each watch. As you can see, some of them ran low on power before I could even start filming. Worth it, though. Good information we should all have.

  3. Have Finow Q1+ 1gb ram 8gbm. antutu reading is : 23632, fully loaded with 650( modifide) battery , no heart rate , (had to disconnect it to fit bigger battery) only have 550mb left in mem so STILL BEST Watch I ever got. Just ordered another one (silver).
    Also had to modify charging cable. not mag mounted but soldered in micro usb, and connection has NEVER failed.
    as ALWAYS nice vids, but WANT (sorry for caps.) more Square face clock apps to watch. (personally never did like round watches)
    Thanks again for GREAT VIDS. Would like to see ALL of your Watches is one pic. LOL

    1. Wow, that’s cool Kerry. It sounds like turbocharging a car or something. I’d love to see all my watches, too. They’re all over the place now.

  4. It is impressing but you never covered one of the most important bluetooth connection with the phone for alert and messaging.
    I know it is a stand alone but at the same time I can’t find out any video explain or commper for it .

    1. Yep. I don’t. Good reason, too. It’s complicated:
      According to one of our YouTube viewers, sonia sophie ataunna, use Text Message Tablet SMS Remote for phone calls and SMS. Use M2D for receiving and replying to notifications.  Please let me know if these work for you: 
      Put this on your phone: 
      Put this on your watch: 
      Follow the directions carefully to get the hookup right.

  5. Sorry I will like to see on 4.4, 5.1 android the tethering capability as on description of most of them it’s says that it is a option as I bay all of them I will be happy to find out what are the possibilities in this issue.


  6. It seems that I’ll be looking for a Q2 smartwatch then. Oh and I was wondering if you’d like to hear my song; it mentions a smartwatch in it. And great video, as always.

    1. It’s actually a Q1, not a Q2. Next time I’ll take a break before filming so I’m fresh and my mind is clear. So many brands and models to remember! There is a Q2 but it’s made by IQI and it’s a tethering watch. Totally different then the FINOW Q1. So you’ll be looking for a Q1 !!!
      This featured watch is available here:
      Watch also Available here:
      Company website:

    1. Spend a year buying watches and doing videos, build about 6000 followers and gather over a million views, and suddenly distributors will start offering you watches for review. Once you do the first one, many others follow, especially if the review helps with watch sales. Win Win and no need for those stupid YouTube ads on every video!

  7. I need your help on this one , I have had the X5 and the Bliz but I have come to a point I dont like round faces because difficult to see some apps always the edge missing , so I am looking at these two FINOW Q1 3G Smartwatch Phone or NO.1 D6 3G Smartwatch Phone, witch one would you go for ?and why ? thank you in advance

    1. Well, Youngblood68, First, you’ve got a cool trick on your round Bitz. You can make the round display square by pressing and holding the power button, then tapping on the icon at the top that says “Full” it will toggle to a square, and now when you cancel all your installed apps (and some of the stock apps) will fit nicely in a square allowing you to reach corner buttons, etc.

      As to the debate between the Q1 and D6, I’ve used them both. A lot. I like the Q1. It’s size is nicer as a square rather than a long rectangle, the heart rate sensor is better located on the back, and, perhaps most importantly, it has a vibration engine in it where the D6 does not. If you have the D6 in silent mode you will not receive any vibration notifications to get your attention. Not for anything, alarms, texts, general notifications, nothing.

      Stay tuned for a new square watch review in the next few days that features a front facing camera which, it is claimed, can be used for video chat. It’s called the Z80.

    2. +SmartWatch Ticks yea I know that trick .but I am as well looking at the bigger screen I need that . I used to have the gear s .that was a great watch . ok I will stay tuned to watch that . sounds cool with front camera .let me see if I can find it to have a closer look …thanks

    1. Yea, you’re absolutely right. I caught that in editing, but just couldn’t go back and reshoot everything. I put a note under the video. Thanks for catching this. There actually is a Q2 from IQI and I had just recently done a review of it which got me tongue tied on this one.

    2. No problem anyway you makevery helpful videos keep up my friend  I bought the G19 very nice watch too  my sim card work without a problem it was my first purpose  with Rogers provider  radio too with antenna at the port usb charger  the only think Facebook icon is there but I don’t arrive to connect maybe is me I don’t know how to do the connection

    1. They are in a class of their own. It’s like saying how does Android compare to Apple. You choose what is comfortable for you.

    2. +SmartWatch Ticks
      No, I was asking what kind of score are watches that are twice the price of these getting. Just so you get rough idea if double the cost also means double the performance or not.

  8. Hey mr Ticks need some help took my no. 1 D6 on holiday and left my charger there. I have phoned the hotel and nothing they cannot find it I have looked everywhere and no joy.
    I’m very tempted to buy the no. 1 G4 as it looks like they use the same charger (is this correct as it may be cheaper and easier to get one and use that) if not is there anywhere you can point me where I could pick one up please?

    1. Spare Parts –
      Look in the show notes here for spare parts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmK9eoNbFag&t=666s
      I haven’t reviewed the G4 so I don’t know about that charger. There are two of these magnetic coupled 4 pin charger cables out there which several watches use. All the pins are equally spaces, but the spacing is different between them. You’d need to do some research to see which one is the same as your D6. Probably other watches from No.1 use the same spacing. That would make sense.


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