These AI ROBOTS can replace HUMANS in 2019 !

Robots are now smarter than before with AI. These AI Robots have now been made possible by great hardware by the company INNFOS:
Artificial intelligence (AI) is arguably the most exciting field in robotics. It's certainly the most controversial: Everybody agrees that a robot can work in an assembly line, but there's no consensus on whether a robot can ever be intelligent… However these robots are super smart, lets see how close they are to replace humans.
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    1. +TechMagnet 50k for non bipedal model and bipedal model on the way
      so what happens when the bipedal ones come out? they cost 100k and the obsolete one on wheels is still 50k or the current wheeled model drops to 20- 25k and the bipedals are 50- 60k ?
      i would not buy a robot that runs on linux/android though
      it is a buggy unstable kernel

    2. +Andrea Mitchell I think both have its use cases. For a stationary or slightly moving one, I wouldn’t buy one with legs. I guess it will be cheaper in the future for sure, but the one with legs will first be super expensive 😂 yea, but ROS is running on Linux, Mac or windows lol

  1. I pesonaly think that it’s not ready to have a deeply conversation yet they are so slow when they moved and they don’t have a real emotion
    Like human so the stilling work please and replace Human is not going to happen

    1. not super deep, but you can have a good conversation with them. But its slow depending on how fast the connection is. I think 5G will imrpvoe it ALOT. But yes it needs a few more years


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