The TRUTH about the Sony Xperia XZ4 Camera

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The new Sony Xperia XZ4 is coming soon. It's time to talk about Sony's new tripple camera strategy and Sony's Smartphone Business.
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The Sony Xperia XZ3 actually has a good camera, but not a class-leading one. Our review found that it struggled with dynamic range and low-light scenes, so we'd like to see some improvements here.
Early rumors suggest we might well get some, as the Sony Xperia XZ4 is tipped to have a triple-lens camera, up from just one rear lens on the Xperia XZ3. Of course, more doesn't necessarily mean better, but it sounds promising.
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Comment (28)

    1. +TechMagnet Sony has so many products, they should do their own event and announce everything there. Make it into a Sony party instead of sharing the moment with the entire industry meaning that people will just mention you and then move on to other, more popular brands. Especially influencers who have to play the SEO game.

  1. Greate video bro, nice informations 🙂 I like Sony mobiles for design and construction, but in 2018 is no chance for run with other

  2. Thing is I think Sony needs to take advice from everyone and combine it into one phone. Their software is good I think but just needs to combine it. Like 4000-4200mAh same as Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Regular 48MP f/1.8 camera, Wide Angle 20MP F/2.0 or F/1.9 like Mate 20 Pro or better, and probably telephoto as 3rd 8 f/2.2 or more MP. Good stereo speakers, And little things and bits. And probably to lower its price. Cause it is damn too high for what they offered.

    1. You seriously don’t understand how unrealistic this is? It’s typical easy talk. I’m sorry, but this is what it is. Not even talking about the fact that you’re not talking about software (let me guess, ‘just do stock android’, correct?), and their market chances (Sony can make the best phones, and still few people will buy it).

    2. +L.GH. Djoetma Their software is good I think I have not used It just had looked into my friends phone, and to first eye it is decent. But Sony does really need to inovate more. Up scaled specs by me aren’t unrealistic that is how it is if they wanna join big guys in top spots to the likes of Huawei Mate and Ssmsung Note series.

    3. +En Force People only care about innovation if it’s brought by Samsung or Apple. Actually, Apple is proof that innovation doesn’t matter. Sony did innovate with dual speakers yet relative thin bezels and very good batterylife in the XZ2 f.e. and that phone also had a camera that was almost on par with the S9 according to GSMArena and Hardware.info. In the XZ1 they also did things with antennas. Fact is that people don’t care about things they can’t see, even if they say that they do. They want a beautiful device and a device that comes with an image.

      And don’t forget that Sony phones rationally have the best choice with the huge pre-order promotions where you could get a MDR1000X-series headphones as well as a reduced price. Still nobody bought it. In part because many people also think Sony can’t make good audio and that one needs f.e. a Sennheiser or Denon for that. Or an Apple. Or Beats. Again, image.

    4. I feel they make amazing devices. But the thing is that they lack marketing.and lower prices. They do not have the commodity of having their devices at the price they are asking.

    5. +Alex Rojas Lower prices don’t make money. They aren’t in this to be a budgetbrand. Also, their productioncosts are higher than that of f.e. Chinese manufacturers. And you’re saying they should do more marketing? Do you think that’s free? Just look at what Huawei devices started to do once they got serious. They are expensive as well.

  3. I like Sony Smartphones got the original Z and the Z3 got many updates on the android more than an Android phone to date. Hardware was solid to exept the screan on the z3 lifted of the chassy but Sony did replace it free of charge so… Hope the best for them!

  4. It looks good. Wide, standard and telephoto lenses would be a nice move. But I wish they would have the headphone jack and SD storage. I agree that a lower price would be helpful. If they could compete with the OnePlus phones or at least come close. If they continue to ask 800+ no matter what they do they will fail. Somehow they have to shake things up. Surprise the world with a great price and great features. I had a Z1 compact a few years ago, a beautiful phone, it was waterproof with a glass back before Samsung and Apple even thought of those features. Sony should get ahead again but not with the rumble feature, no one needs that. I hope they can do something special and come back.

  5. Even with a triple camera, it will still lose the Galaxy S10 + and Huawei P30 Pro, which will have 4 main cameras, versus the 3 on the XZ4. In addition, the P30 Pro will have a 10-fold optical zoom, which already makes it the leader of mobile photography. And besides, Sony have big problems with the software for its own cameras, So, XZ4 willl not beat Huawei or Samsung

  6. Dammnnit SONY ,,you Rule in gaming make a cross 3-4 camera with flash in the middle or on a cross side ,,make it for gaming with less bezels then wash up on the little things .

  7. Am not a big photographer but do like the camera on my xz3 think it’s very good plus like Sony phones not big fan of the galaxy range

  8. Great phones, need more advertisement and need to progress faster. Sony is playing catch up atm with the XZ3. Now it is in position to really stand out with the XZ4. Hopefully it won’t let us down. Always been an xperia fan and currently own the XZ3

    As i said, Advertise, be competitively priced and have all the up to date features of other flagships such as triple cameras and such. It can do well

  9. there is no saving sony’s mobile division…unfortunately it is dead and buried you cannot drop in such numbers and expect to survive in any busness nevermind the mobile industry,what sone WERE good at originally was mobile music devices,their sony walkman range made them a household name back when we were all listening to cassette tapes,then they entered the gaming industry and crushed it,finally they are attempting to enter the smartphone buisness and are failing miserably and it is very supprising considering that they make such great cameras and camera lenses plus are also pretty good at making screened devices like TV’s,let’s be honest that is half the build of a smartphone right there a display and camera,they also managed to innovate in battery saving software with their smartphones too with their ‘stammina mode’ which was highly praised in it’s time,they are also front runners in build quality and this is a bane rather than a boon as this means they have little choice but to produce premium quality goods which in turn means premium quality prices…but you cannot compete with such a strongly controlled premium market as one which is controlled by those two main factions being samsung and apple,(huawei being the exception),sony need to start from the ground up once more or fade into obscurity

  10. Have been waiting for Sony to make a big turnaround for years now as I recognise their rusted potential. They knew the business well long before anyone else but needed to shed a lot of wait and false ego while making their way through the worst recession Japan as an economy faced through the last decade. So no it isn’t easy but as they say when the going gets tough the tough gets going. Hoping that Sony will finally start turning heads again and will rise from near ashes… They should not walkout of the mobile phone industry at all…

  11. they need to advertise more
    i remember years ago many people had sony tvs because their ads were all over
    now barely anyone i know has any sony product
    if the general public don’t know you have released a product how do they expect to get the sales


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