The TRUTH about the Nokia 9 Camera

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The Nokia 9 will come as the first smartphone 2019 with a Penta Camera with Zeiss lenses. But who produces nokia smartphones actually ? And how did they come back ?!
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The Sony Xperia XZ3 actually has a good camera, but not a class-leading one. Our review found that it struggled with dynamic range and low-light scenes, so we'd like to see some improvements here.
Early rumors suggest we might well get some, as the Sony Xperia XZ4 is tipped to have a triple-lens camera, up from just one rear lens on the Xperia XZ3. Of course, more doesn't necessarily mean better, but it sounds promising.
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Comment (30)

  1. Nokia is literally the poster child for what not to do for all tech companies. Every tech company should study what happened to Nokia and then do it’s best to avoid everyone f their mistakes.

  2. Only Thing Nokia need to work on is to put headphone jack on a phone, dual speakers, and everything else is just fine. Idk how they can compete with best but lets see how they do it. But I seriously don’t like what they did with 3.5mm jack its necessary to have and it is just a stupid Apple trend. That is why Chinese shouldn’t design phone only just make it like a completely done project.

    1. I feel you, but since i use my bluetooth headphones, i never thought about it anymore. Also my car bluetooth, my home audio.. for sure quality maybe isnt that good, even with LDAC or qualcoms aptx, but still good enough for me

    2. +TechMagnet it is good but big crowd of people like me like to have 3.5mm jack because of simplicity. Just plug and play. No need to turn anything. We suffer when we see good phone without it like Nokia 9. Samsung is only company that fulfil the needs of their customers. They don’t compromise at all. 😄

  3. I dont mind to invest again in innovation from nokia..bought the 808pureview,1020 and recently nokia 7 plus..so nokia 9 would be a no brainer

  4. I am looking forward to the Nokia 9. I have the 8 and they really did a great job on it. I feel HMD definitely has legs.

  5. With sd845, no 3.5 and 2017 bezels Nokia 9 will flop hard no matter what camera will be there. Nokia 8 Sirocco is the worst flagship ever made. They’re bad and too late when it comes to flagships. It’s obviously not old Nokia.

    1. +TechMagnet
      Oh sorry nevermind, I mixed up your Channel with Marquess Brownlee, but one short question, I have a S9 Plus, does Samsung also use camera sensors from Sony? And iPhone X(S) too? oO

  6. kinda confused as you spent most of the video talking about the history of the nokia brand then you only dedicated the last section/minutes to the camera which in turn was the title of your video….hahaha…cannot believe i am trolling you stefan….and lastly you are attempting to tell us the truth about a device you have not even had in your hands yet…DOH….HAHAHA

  7. Honestly bro when I watch your truth about series of videos, I feel like I’m watching a professional TV documentary or something. Great quality videos as always.

  8. I started using a cellphone since 2008 and I’m 37. My first handset was a Nokia N95 which created a revolution in the mobile phone market. One has to take a few things into consideration that there weren’t many players at the time. Despite Apple gaining momentum I wasn’t at all a fan of iPhone’s or Android phones. I used my Nokia N95 until it’s screen went completely dead. All I could do was to pick and drop calls without knowing who called and manually dial numbers in order to make calls. My second handset was a Nokia Lumia 720 in 2013 which I’m still using to this day. Nokia 9 could be my 3rd as Nokia Lumia 720 is well past it’s prime. Thanks for making this video, it was quite insightful! 🙂

  9. However worst their phones were (Nokia/Microsoft), they always managed to smash camera-competition. Their camera tech were always ahead of time, but paired up with worst of everything else.

    I am seeing the same pattern again. As long as it is done for keep things under a certain price-range, Good. But then they MUST have a PRO version with 855 (according to rumors they have another model with 855 and 5G).


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