The TRUTH about the NEW iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max ! - Gismo News

The TRUTH about the NEW iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max !

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The new iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS / XR is here and we covered the topics Apple didn't want to talk about. Stay tuned for our Iphone XS Max Review. QI charger: *
↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
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Comment (36)

  1. Not worth the upgrade,I see this as what the note 9 was to the note 8,not really a substantial upgrade, except for a few upgrades. However I’d still go with a note 9 before I go with any of these”newer model” iPhones. Always found apple devices to be boring for the price.

    1. +TechMagnet I feel really bad for them,they now have to buy one of the newer iPhones to look cool and not obsolete now. Even tho like I said it’s not really a upgrade worth the money. people who bought the x should wait till the 12 and people who bought the note 8 should wait for the note 10. Upgrading every year,well in this case,every six months is Abit asinine don’t you think? 🤣 For your wallet and your sanity

  2. Wow . this vid is comedic gold, Filled with speculation without knowing any facts or knowledge of what you are talking about . str8 garbage . Price hikes? the Xs is the same price and the Xmax is obviously more like we have had in the past . The prices overseas have always been more expensive than here in the states, that is not apples fault but rather those countries govt and other factors . As for as tariffs are concerned, if you have been keeping up with any financial news. the threats of tariffs are working in our favor as countries are bending at the knees for us No longer will countries take advantage of the United States of America . .

    1. Yes correct, not YET. Still it’s stupid to think about that now. Yes Globalfoundries would be able to build the chipsets in the US in the future, im sure. But still, the pieces that go into an basic iPhone cost Apple about $200 to puchase, but would easily cost three times as much to produce in the U.S. Not talking about billions which have to be invested in toolings, assembly lines and experienced workers. There is little doubt in my mind that over the next five to 10 years, manufacturing will return, en masse, to the United States. But right now the big players like TSMC, Samsung etc. have a big advantage and apple needs them. Forcing it with tariffs isn’t a good idea in my eyes.

  3. How about they make a little less profit huh….and keep their customers….come on 1600 euros…that’s more than I make in a month. Plus the market is full of phones….and cheaper and with great specs……they come up with an upgrade and charge all that AND DON’T EVEN INCLUDE A FAST CHARGER….insanity strikes once more….oh they’ll keep their old customers but they won’t get any new ones. And no one is going to get the inferior XR for what…900 euros. Thanks i’ll get the Note 9 which, as it should be, will go down in price in a few months. How about Apple start lowering the prices on their old models seeing no one is buying them anyway.

  4. It’s almost like Apple is trying to create this elite tech. Sort of like a high end fashion brand. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just they way want to depict the brand. I guess the negative is, that it drives the prices of all phones higher. The top end iPhone MAX in Canada will be selling for $1999.00….Are you fucking kidding me? This makes the maxed out Note 9 look like a steal. I wanted to get the iPhone max, like u I cannot justify the price. It’s basically equivalent to flagship android units anyway. So I think I’m going to put my focus on a phone this autumn like the LG V40, or HUAWEI MATE 20 and try something new……OH, and save myself a thousand dollars 😉.

  5. You dont seem to understand what trump is trying to do (and im no expert either). But he is trying to level the price war with china, as the usa has a huge trade defacit anyway. Donald trump does not care about you buying a crazy expensive i phone, its small high volume products than can and are manufactured in usa that need help.


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