The TRUTH about HONOR !

The new Honor 10 is very popular right now. But many people ask if honor belongs to huawei and why it’s so similar to the Huawei P20. Today in this video, we will have a look behind the scenes.
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Comment (25)

  1. This is a great initiative and I well appreciated. I had in mind that Huawei and Honor phones are manufactured in the same factory. I am using Honor 10 since May 2018. Raised a couple of issues in Twitter for this device. Call recording feature is not available. FM radio is also not available. Appreciate their regular updates every month for security updates.

  2. i LOVED p9, especially the design and camera. But couldnt afford it, so i went with the less desirable Honor 8.
    I hate glass back. And the “reflective glass back” gimmick did not fly well with me, since i had to slap a skin on it in order to prevent any scratches and shatter.

    All of it is true for P10 and Honor 9 duo as well.

    I didnt like P20 design for similar reasons, so no more honor/huawei phones for me. Not to mention that noch, omg. i just cant.


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