The truth about Gold and the Apple Watch

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Apple Watch Edition comes in two types of real gold alloy: yellow gold and rose gold. But there is so much more to gold, and so many other things Apple could have (could in the future?) do with it. Here's just a peek at one gold option called "Mokume-Gane". We talk about what an Apple watch case could look like if gold is worked by a Master goldsmith (as seen in a pair of wedding rings).

This video also poses a question as to what will happen to your gold investment when your watch battery finally dies (it's not replaceable), or when future editions of the Apple Watch emerge making the electronics in this one obsolete (electronics not removable). When you are talking $10,000 to $17,000 for a watch where the inner workings are no different than the $350 to $400 Sport Watch, I would want to know how, in say 2 to 3 years, I can change out my electronics but keep my watch shell. Anybody else asking those kinds of questions, or are we all affluent enough to toss it out and buy a new one?

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    1. +Rocky B. All three came from aliexpress.com. I put the brown band on the rose gold watch and the orange band on the black watch and it looks much nicer.


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