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The TRUTH about CHINESE Smartphones !



  1. I’ve bought on gearbest a Chuwi lapbook once and after using for a few days I noticed it wasn’t working properly. I’ve returned the laptop not to china but to a warehouse in spain. this process took 1 month though.

    1. yea they get better and better. but still they don’t come to europe because of the high taxes. I think next step after warehouse will be local repair centers

  2. Lol, here in South America we go to Ciudad del Este for the newest models, and if they fail nobody protest about it, after all all around Argentina the price
    is two times bigger.

  3. Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo and ZTE/Nubia are great Chinese smartphone manufacturers and provide very affordable price. And yeah, there is also Oneplus, VIVO, Oppo etc that make good phones but quite expensive compared to the others.
    At 0:23 that must be Umidigi :3 #umisuck

    1. dola pavan Oppo and Oneplus are from the same OEM but Oneplus software is better with frequent updates. Vivo, yeah, just saw good phones manufactured by them but don’t know how they feel when used, maybe they suck…

    2. Andrea Mitchell unfortunately they are not perfect. They make quite a few lower budget phone as well which are not that good, they also messed up with their P10 for variation in storage speed..

  4. I took me 2 months to getting my china tablet RMA from my local seller with other issue….
    (P.S. I live in Hong Kong and Distance between shenzhen is 17km)

  5. Here in India, xiaomi, lenovo and some other brands(those fucking selfie brands) do sell in offline markets and actually xiaomi redmi note 4 is the best selling online phone in India but still most offline users don’t trust Chinese brands(except for idiot selfie lovers buying oppo and Vivo phones) and go for Samsung, Nokia, LG, etc. Indians buy Chinese products because of cost benefits, if an Indian brand started selling better phones that are MADE IN INDIA we would stop buying Chinese phones.

  6. Xiaomi is still hot cake in India . they sell 1 million phones in 3 days (last week festival season sale ).They started offline stores in major cities. They also have service centers in each states .Samsung is still the big player but the Chinese brands like Oppo/vivo sell more handsets these days (with their BS selfie phones.I still don’t understand why people buy these phones with high prices).LeTv is dead . Moto&Lenovo has also big market with their mid range phones.other chinese players like Coolpad ,OnePlus ,etc doing well on online market . But the other brands like Vernee , blueboo,Umi,elephone, etc are not directly available here and importing them is a real pain in the A$$.☺

    1. WOW so big o.o. Too bad that LeTv is dead, i liked their phones. Regarding motorola, i saw that mostly indian guys watch my moto video, so I think it must be popular there. Is it actually true that import regulations to india are so strict ?

    2. TechMagnet Importing phones and tablets is not so difficult here but u must pay the customs duty and it varies . If you are lucky they charge you low .If u buy it through DHL/Fedex they will do the paper works and we pay to DHL ,last time I buy 360 N4S through DHL i pay 50-60$ to them .i heard these days charges are lil high depend the price of the phone size of the package and your luck☺.
      if u select free shipping they send packages through postal and we do the paperworks ourselves and submit it to postal customs . I buy my first china phone Jiayu G4s and a Teclast tablet through EMS and the process was not so easy.
      Better is DHL (less headache ☺) but the customs duty depends.

  7. Xiaomi is good with the service and also the product quality. Initially when they started they imported products directly from China,but now things have changed,most of their products are made in India and the quality is good with respect to. Lenovo,Moto Huawei and Xiaomi are the go to brands when you want a smartphone with price to quality ratio. Oppo , vivo, Gionee, lephone, InFocus are selling cheap phone for high price.

  8. And I have been using Redmi 3s prime from last 20 month’s, there were some bugs in software initially ,but with software updates they have been fixed.

  9. I don’t even bother, there is a great web shop in The Netherlands and they resell phones that have been sent back and are not new looking for a lesser price. In that way I got a Z Play for 200€.

    And here it doesn’t matter if you get a 100€ Wileyfox or a 999 Samsung, the warranty terms are the same.

    I only imported once a Asian G6 because the quad DAC and I did it with my credit card, since in The Netherlands most CC have a one year insurance, so if it breaks, stops working, if you loose it, etc… you get your money back.

  10. In India .Xiaomi service is good ..can u make something about new Chinese company Infinix..Infinix launched 2 models in India .. Infinix note 4 @8999rs and Infinix hot 4 @7499rs.Thx

  11. In Romania we do have quite a lot of Chinese phone resellers. The phones are a bit more expensive than even getting them through an EU warehouse (which is what I usually do) but they’re still cheaper than the competition

  12. Back in the day I had a 3GS and I dropped it while working out it wouldn’t start anymore. I went to the T-Mobile shop next door where I originally got it and they gave me a brand new replacement just like that 😮 That won’t happen now a days I guess but I still need good support when I need it. So no china stuff here.

  13. Xiaomi is doing really good in India & Bangladesh!! their phones don’t suck!! Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, OnePlus, Zte, Meizu also produce quality products….

  14. I dont know why you say chinese sellers have bad support…!? I have a lot of electrical things from china and used the support sume times.
    I have ONLY good expereences with the support…!


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