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The TV market is going crazy and you can pickup a 55" 4K TV for as low as 240$ at wallmart. But should you really buy them? Here is thw TRUTH.
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Comment (26)

  1. 8:21 if one led Stopps working the while TV stays black because the LEDs are conected in a line. But it isn’t difficult to change one led

  2. Fun fact:

    Most of the best high-end TVs on the market are made in China. Just as most of the cheap TVs on the market are made in China.

    It’s all made in China.

  3. That was an autopsy you both were performing on that TV, LOL! I like the new web, Steven! I’m gonna become part of the

    1. Yes because Walmart only feeds the needs of people that don’t want to pay $1,000 for a TV that only cost a hundred bucks to make

  4. i wanted to see what the full array local dimming LED grid looks like
    maybe be you can do a follow up and get Samsung to sponsor it and send you a $1000 + QLED to teardown
    since i gather you didn’t feel like destroying a $1000 TV on your own dime just for the sake of this video
    i am still on the fence on weather to get an OLED or QLED to replace my old plasma

  5. Yeah but what about the new TCL TV’s they’re cheap and rival those that are 4X as much. I mean you can get a 6 series 65 inch 4K for $700

    1. Buy your goods where? when Walmart came in they got rid of all the local little guys the grocery stores the pharmacy the builder supply stores all went out when Walmart came in . So go ahead with your fucking lie you either shop at Walmart or you go to any other store that still buys from the same place Walmart does, China, you idiot

  6. I watched a documentary about modern televisions and how some of them are not build to last like in the old days. Samsung got caught by intentionally placing components too close to heat source where, resulting breaking after short while after warranty period. Also this part was made unable to repair by the repair shops as Samsung did not make this part available separately. This I have also seen happen among friends and relatives.

    When I have enough money I use Sony and they have been always perfect. Currently I use 50″ smart tv from Sharp, but any Japanese brand would be ok for me like also Panasonic.

  7. Lmao im watching your video on a Sceptre 55″ 4K tv i did buy from WalMart

    Yes, im fully aware of the fact that its a gamble buying a no-name brand TV thats hundreds of dollars cheaper compared to an established name brand.

    Yes, i was fully aware that when i purchased one i would be risking buying a defective unit, and that returnung it for a new unit would be a hassle

    Yes, i knew that a TV this cheap wouldnt have any smart features built in, but i already have a standalone 4K Blu-Ray player and gaming console, so i just wanted a larger screen with a better pixel density.

    Not every consumer looking to upgrade their TV needs to find a model with all the latest features baked into it. The good thing about these lower priced TVs is that it allows people with lower income to enter the 4K market.

  8. I prefer Panasnonic because they make some of the best passive and semiconductors (e.g. capacitors and transistors) in the world – hence Panasonic tends to last.

    I bought two of the last plasmas to be made in 2013.. I still think they beat most LCD’s. Plasma only vanished from ther market because its technology couldn’t be transferred to other devices and it was heavy to ship etc.


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