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Home Reviews The TRUTH about Android SMARTWATCHES !

The TRUTH about Android SMARTWATCHES !

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Need a new smartwatch? Have an Android phone? But do Android wear and tear 2.0 smartwatches truly improve our every day life? Obtain the Huawei Check out 2 below: *
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    1. Exactly my thinking as well..Despite being a minor-league techie, I just can’t [yet, maybe] convince myself to go with a smartwatch over a classic, analog timepiece. Watch enthusiasts know the true beauty behind a quality timepiece lies in the handcrafted movements and complications within. One day perhaps as a niche device for me to use in targeted activities, like working out or sports. But as a daily driver, 24/7? Methinks no at this point…And that’s not even discussing the investment and collectible value of classic, quality timepieces…

  1. I use an Apple Watch. My first smartwatch was the original Pebble. I think that while yes, the higher quality and better smartwatches are expensive, if you’ve ever used a smartwatch, you’ll find it very useful. I love being able to check notifications and reply on my watch, go workout with just my watch, and the best feature: mobile payment. Which is also why if anyone wants a smartwatch, definitely go for a better one for better support and features rather than cheating out and getting a cheap China smartwatch. But anyway, this is just my take on them.

  2. I like using my smartwatch as a fashion item, of an analog clock that I can change the analog watchface to whatever I want to, and that’s nice

  3. Electronic wallet on a watch is definitely a good idea. I can’t wait to be able to buy a beer by swiping my watch in a busy bar for example.
    Otherwise, most apps are gimicks as you say..

  4. smart clothes will be for shallow people with hollow dreams. *sigh*
    they drown the world with pretentious needs.. just like people with fitness trackers

  5. great Video ! I’m a techhead too and I rarely use my LG watch R. I used it a lot in the beginning and I still use it to reply etc while sitting in class but outside of school, where it’s easier to hide your watch than your phone I don’t really have a benefit from it.

  6. The Problem with smartwatches is: Marketing, only Samsung and Apple advertise their smartwatches and other manufacturers don’t.

  7. ok…i have the moto 360 2nd gen…and my main porpose for this smartwatch…is a watch…i love the fact i can change the watchface any time i like,and also the wrist band as well…i originaly had the leather band but just purchased a $15 stainless steel band from amazon and it looks great…i actualy prefer having notifications on as my job involves driving and i am not allowed to use my phone whilst doing so…having a quick glance at my wrist is great to let me quickly browse through my emails or app notifications…i like this series stefan…looking forward to more…also the audio was pretty bad during the conclusion…you may want to check that out…it’s gone from being too bassy to now sounding like you are in a large room…LOL…oh and you run like a duck with an egg up it’s arse…HAHAHA

  8. Best thing to do with a smartwatch

    BD osmartwatch on – BD headphones – music withouth a smartphone

    Sec. best thing:
    Skip Tracks on the watch without taking the smartphone out every time.


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